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kingfisher history encyclopedia??


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How come there are som many versions of this? Does it matter which one i get--is one better than the other?




Hi Pam!


I have both the old, "Illustrated" white cover version and the newer red cover. I prefer the white for two reasons. First the text is in more paragraph form, though still abbreviated where the red version has sub headings, so you can literally scan the page and figure out what is being covered (which is also why it doesn't work for outlining-it basically is already done for you). Second is the layout of text. In the white it is more vertical, so you have a intro page to a time period, then you have a timeline pages that lists different areas (Americas, Europe, Africa, ect.. and an overview of major events) and the next page is a map of the world with the most important events highlighted and texts running vertically down one side. The rest of the section will pick an portion of history, have a half page vertical timeline on events then text on the other half of the page and how ever many more pages needed to cover the topic. The timeline has a yellow backgroud so it really stands out from the rest (visually appealing). The red version has a timeline at the top of almost every page running horizontal. They will have a red bar that shows what section of time that page covers. This timeline is only numbers and not events. The pages that don't have it are the intro to a specific time, and the map page where they give an big picture overview of what was going on at the time. The red book doesn't have the timeline page that shows major events broken down by area of the world. Not does it generally have any list of events in the sections either (once in a while it will have a little key dates box). The other distinctive difference I see is the newer version then often groups information by country more than the old did.


I personally really like the visual distinction in the old white cover and the timeline pages, but I was also able to pick it up used for $25 (with shipping). I think the price has jumped up again, so I am not sure it is worth it. I know I wouldn't buy it at the current price. The red one is more affordable, but if I were in the market right now I would probably just buy the Usborne History encyclopedia with one stipulation. The Usborne has more nudity, so if that would bother you, then spring for the red Kingfisher.




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