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New and Old Testament Survey for high school elective...

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My son is doing a new testament survey this year as a 9th grade elective. We are using CLE. I strongly dislike the formatting of this and wish to find something else to use from January until the end of the year. I need to get through the letters not written by Paul (Peter, James, John,etc.) through Revelation. I need some suggestions if you have any.


I also wanted him to do an Old Testament survey in 10th grade, but since I don't like the CLE format I need to find something for that as well.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions.



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My dd just used the Greenleaf Old Testament. It's very simple questions but that leaves the focus on the Bible, which is great. It doesn't cover all of the prophets, but does tell you when they fit in chronologically.


MFW uses Taking the Old Testament Challenge, but we're not there yet & MFW will probably give some guidance along with that.


For new testament, my dd used a think workbook that I don't think they make any more.


Another option is to just have them read & then write something on each section about the most important person, event, etc. You could have a list of questions, or just one. Let the Bible do the teaching.

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for OT I had them read through chronologically, and know a list of facts about each book: who wrote it, when, where, how many chapters, what is it generally about, etc. and then had them read through each book and do a broad outline to get the feel for the book: what happened at the beginning, middle and end. after that, we used 2 bible survey encyclopedia ( one new white zondervan, one old dark blue can't remember the name and the book is packed right now) to get ideas about what 'scholars' had said, refined our outlines, hit points we had missed, and talked it all out. The kids ended up having read each book several times thoroughly, with a list of facts that I can use in oral drills and sword drills and a good working knowledge of location, flow and gist of each of the Historical books, plus a nice outline of each. and a million fun rabbit trails. (we have not yet done all the prophets).


NT is harder because the epistles are so packed, but we did a similar thing- know facts about the book and writer, read it a zillion times to get comfort with it, outline it, discuss specifics, discuss the gist. We found ourselves to disagree with some of the accepted interpretations of several of the epistles, philippians specifically- so often referred to as the book of "joy" we found to be much more about mixed groups getting along- loving your neighbor. 2Tim and passing the baton... what are the 3 things paul counted as accomplishments at the end of his life? etc


we also thought the christian liberty workbooks were pretty good for the younger set- chronological, with timelines,etc- though we didn't use them as workbooks per-se.





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