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  1. Thanks for this info! I ordered a pulse oximeter, and my husband sent the article to his circle.
  2. I don't remember seeing an "accept" button - only the option of withdrawing money from my account. Did you click on a link to get there, or type the address in yourself? Could it be a false PayPal site? Can you go to the "Activity" tab at the top? It should list who sent it.
  3. This tracfone is only $5 a month: https://www.hsn.com/products/lg-premier-pro-53-hd-16gb-tracfone-with-1500-mintextdat/8930985 Here is another $5 tracfone offer: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tracfone-ZTE-ZFIVE-C-Cell-Phone-1-Year-of-Service-w-1500-MIN-1500-Text-1500MB/283552671927?epid=27033789784&hash=item42050e68b7:g:MnwAAOSw0tNdTdbp Edited to add that wifi calling can be done on this phone (in addition to the minutes provided by the carrier) when it is available (via google voice or another app).
  4. My doc recommended it for avoiding sinus infections. He said he likes this rather than the neti pot. I only use it when I think I could be heading toward a sinus issue.
  5. Thanks, everyone! I have reserved a few of these at the library. :001_smile:
  6. Swiss Family Robinson: http://librivox.org/the-swiss-family-robinson-by-johann-david-wyss/.
  7. It was $70. They used the REA book http://www.amazon.com/CLEP-Freshman-College-Composition-REA/dp/0738600768/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1229541664&sr=8-1. They each studied about 6 weeks with the book and took several practice tests (the book has a cd with practice tests). They both got 6 English Comp credits.
  8. by Ezra Jack Keats... http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/search-handle-url/ref=ntt_athr_dp_sr_1?%5Fencoding=UTF8&search-type=ss&index=books&field-author=Ezra%20Jack%20Keats We own most of them.
  9. You can check and see if they fit what you want: http://www.prodigalsonz.com/traininginstitute/courses/1styear/courses/Old%20Testament%20Survey.pdf http://www.prodigalsonz.com/traininginstitute/courses/1styear/courses/New%20Testament%20Survey.pdf There are even exams: http://www.prodigalsonz.com/traininginstitute/courses/1styear/exams/OT%20Survey%20Exam.pdf http://www.prodigalsonz.com/traininginstitute/courses/1styear/exams/NT%20Survey%20Exam.pdf
  10. We used Piano Course for Christians for years, and it was great for us. The books come with cds, and they are well worth the investment. The cds will help reinforce the books and let you know what the music should sound like. You can learn right along with them...or ahead of them. We asked a friend who is a piano teacher to see the kids maybe a couple times a year to evaluate their progress and make suggestions. The Preparatory Level begins right off using both hands (though not at once). This was significant to me. It was not so intimidating to have the left hand play a few notes WHILE
  11. My ds (9) has really liked http://www.amazon.com/Kids-Guitar-1-Marcy-Marxer/dp/B000140I0W (and Kids Guitar 2, also). We were able to get it from the library.
  12. You could trim it some :). http://entertainment.timesonline.co.uk/tol/arts_and_entertainment/books/article2687623.ece 1 c.3500 BC Invention of the wheel and plough in Mesopotamia (present-day Iraq); invention of the sail in Egypt: three fundamental inventions for trade, agriculture and exploration. 2 c.3200 BC Invention of writing in Mesopotamia: the means to record and understand human history. 3 c.3000 BC Founding of the first cities in Sumeria (present-day Iraq): origin of modern social and administrative structures. 4 c.1600 BC Modern alphabet invented: the essential means of
  13. I used these at my dentist's recommendation. I was very happy with the results. This is where I bought it: http://www.ecrater.com/product.php?pid=284619
  14. Here are a couple boat tours that appear to go through November: http://www.wendellaboats.com/ http://www.shorelinesightseeing.com/index.php?gclid=COzu3qL86pYCFRsRagod3RZOPA
  15. If you do decide to go to the Hancock Observatory, you can have a buffet lunch at the restaurant on the 95th floor (excellent views) for only $2-$3 more than the price of the observatory. The food was okay (not great, but we really went for the view). The service was pretty good. https://tickets.hancockobservatory.com/ http://www.opentable.com/rest_profile.aspx?rid=3401 http://www.signatureroom.com/Cuisine/lunch.cfm?PID=46
  16. If you check out the first link, it has stories listed by Scripture reference. There are no stories from Nehemiah. But this can be a handy tool for future reference :).
  17. Google helped me find these two nifty sites. It looks like there are no AIO that are about Nehemiah. http://www.aiowiki.com/wiki/Category:Episodes_by_Scripture_Reference http://www.whitsend.org/vault/
  18. Well, there is a part of "Facing the Giants" where the coach tells the story of Nehemiah and relates it to football (all this according to my 9yods & 11yods; I have a vague memory:001_unsure:).
  19. I just tested my crock pots (3 Rivals) and several other things with the LeadCheck Household Lead Test Kit. This kit was purchased at the local hardware store for under $8, and as I recall, it was recommended by Consumer Reports. I heated up my crock pots to simulate cooking (one was actually filled with dinner :) ). These admittedly crude consumer tests revealed no presence of lead in the glaze. Back to my dinner preparations :). http://www.leadcheck.com/retail.shtml
  20. http://www.classicsforkids.com/ This is a good free program. You can download the mp3 (about 15 minutes, I think) every week. The site even has a quiz and activity sheets for each program.
  21. When we joined CHM (Christian Healthcare Ministries), we sent to individuals. We thought this was such a good idea to protect against fraud. They changed things to send our monthly gift to the home office for a few years now. I am not so comfortable with this. Samaritan Ministries DOES send to individuals, and we are considering switching to them. We have had several needs "published" with CHM. They have paid them all, but it has taken many months. Just last year we had a need that took 5-9 months (I don't remember exactly) to receive the money.
  22. Faithe, I would contact them with the same questions you gave us. Perhaps they can walk you through it, or at least give some explanation. This would be disappointing to me as well. That is a lot of money for something poorly organized and poorly explained.
  23. Yes, it is designed to be very independent. I do very little teacher prep... other than getting the schedule set up from Donna Young. I do add in work on memorizing the terms each day. Checking the chapter review and the test are the only slightly time-consuming elements. No, we do not use the companion CD. http://www.donnayoung.org/apologia/general.htm
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