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Does Grammar for the Well Trained Mind now replace the grammar suggestions in The Well Trained Mind?


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Sorry if this is well known. I am only reading The Well Trained Mind for the first time and just joined this forum today. I am so glad I read the book! We thankfully have already naturally leaned classical just in noticing what has worked well for us and I have unintentionally followed many of the recommended methods, but I am hoping to catch up in some areas we have been a bit relaxed in, Grammar being one of them.

While looking up the grammar recommendations within the book, i came across the Grammar for the Well Trained Mind curriculum. I noticed that the curriculum came out AFTER this book, so my assumption is that this new curriculum would likely be recommended BEFORE the other suggestions of a new revision if The Well Trained Mind were in the works?

Has anyone used the old recommendations (Such as Voyages In English, which I was originally anticipating purchasing) who are now using this new curriculum? Can you tell me what you think and what you would suggest?

My son is entering 7th grade next month. We would be considered "behind" for grammar but I don't think it will be a struggle for my son to catch up, he does very well in all other areas of language arts and has a high reading comprehension level.

Thank you!

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  • Eriebritaime changed the title to Does Grammar for the Well Trained Mind now replace the grammar suggestions in The Well Trained Mind?

I don't know that it replaces them, but it definitely adds another option. I haven't tried the other suggestions in there, we finished First Language Lessons and moved to GWTM. Also "behind", I suppose, but it's so far ahead of the grammar that I was ever taught that I'm really not concerned!

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