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  1. I got several recommendations for this one when I asked for suggestions on a very large facebook homeschool group.
  2. This could VERY easily be done as an after school activity. It does not take long at all. We have been using it for 2 years.
  3. My son is starting 7th grade in July. I would consider him to have good spelling skills for his age. He does well enough that he can correct me on occasion and never really has issues with it in his school writing. I have never used a spelling curriculum for him but we did read quite a bit together and he still reads plenty ofr personal enjoyment. I read The Well Trained Mind for the first time this month and I can see the benefit of using a curriculum, especially if we plan to also introduce Latin. How necessary is it to do Spelling Workout first? I noticed it is no longer for sale on the website the book directs me toward. Can we go straight to Vocabulary from Classical Roots A? If you would strongly urge against that, please do explain. Thank you!
  4. Hi Everyone! I am currently in Rocklin, CA. I have also lived in Roseville, Lincoln, & Citrus Heights. We rent, which means we move more often, unfortunately, but the general area is home. 🙂 Luckily we homeschool, so our education has never been interrupted. 😉 I have a local Facebook homeschool social group for this general area that we have been with for maybe 8 years. We meet every week, with multiple events on the weekly calendar ( joining as each of our individual schedules allow, we do not have attendance rules.) It is primarily a social group rather than a co-op, with varying homeschool styles. I only know a few families using similar curriculum. I'd love to connect with other classical method families. We have always leaned classical (without knowing what to call it, just recognizing what worked well for us) and I only just this year started to pull the pieces together, read The Well Trained Mind, found this forum... I am excited to have settled into a comfortable place with a proper vision for our homeschool as my oldest enters 7th grade next month. I also have two little ones, ages 3 & 4, and for them I do intend to begin with the classical method from the start, hopefully experiencing less hiccups and "well that didn't work" moments along the way. Maybe I'll find some other local families who will be willing to meet up and/or allow me to ask questions along the way as we incorporate more of the classical style to our routines?
  5. Sorry if this is well known. I am only reading The Well Trained Mind for the first time and just joined this forum today. I am so glad I read the book! We thankfully have already naturally leaned classical just in noticing what has worked well for us and I have unintentionally followed many of the recommended methods, but I am hoping to catch up in some areas we have been a bit relaxed in, Grammar being one of them. While looking up the grammar recommendations within the book, i came across the Grammar for the Well Trained Mind curriculum. I noticed that the curriculum came out AFTER this book, so my assumption is that this new curriculum would likely be recommended BEFORE the other suggestions of a new revision if The Well Trained Mind were in the works? Has anyone used the old recommendations (Such as Voyages In English, which I was originally anticipating purchasing) who are now using this new curriculum? Can you tell me what you think and what you would suggest? My son is entering 7th grade next month. We would be considered "behind" for grammar but I don't think it will be a struggle for my son to catch up, he does very well in all other areas of language arts and has a high reading comprehension level. Thank you!
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