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Trouble uploading images


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I have had been having issues uploading images the past 2 weeks. Today I was able to upload 2, but the 3rd would not. It said it exceeded the Max file size. The page says Max file size is ~2MB, my image is 1.5MB. Error says that max is 1.27MB allowed.

When this happened 2 weeks ago, I continually made my image smaller and smaller (got it down to 56KB) and it still told me it would exceed the allowed file size. Each time I tried to upload the file, the "max file size" would change again.

I didn't get a screenshot of this because I thought it was my issue, but now after other issues after the updates and it has happened again,

I thought I should report. Here is a screen shot from today. It did let me upload this one (86 KB). You can see in the image that the original stated max file size is ~2Mb.

Screen Shot 2020-10-12 at 10.38.04 AM.png

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The vendor got back with me right away, so that was helpful.  

The 1.27MB limit is per user, not per post.  If you want to remove some images from older posts, you can do so from your profile.  (I should probably check into this on my civilian account, too.)


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