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4th volume of history of the world

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I'm sorry to say that last I heard there were no plans for a fourth volume of History of the ____ World. She said they were getting unwieldy; the amount of time that could be covered in a book gets smaller and smaller as we (collectively) have more information.

In answer to your next question - I don't know what the general consensus is to use for covering early modem and modern. I guess when we get there we will veer off the chronological cycle into whatever interest-led subject appeals, or spend a year in American history and lit, or pull together our own early modem resources, OR do current affairs. I have 7 months before I will feel the need to start sketching it a plan. 😊 I'll start by checking the WTM suggestions.

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If you didn't use Human Odyssey in Middle School, it could be a spine. We did that + 6 modern biographies + Guns, Germs, and Steel, a contemporary geography work text and two research papers. I didn't really plan it though. I kept thinking we'd get started back on ancients eventually.

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