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Online AP Spanish Literature & Culture?

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My 11th grader took AP Spanish Language & Culture this year, and she really wants to take AP Spanish Literature & Culture next year. 

I’m not prepared to teach it, and she’d rather not self-study, so she is hoping to find a College Board-approved provider.  Dual enrollment in a comparable course with a local college is not an option; the CC doesn’t offer Spanish lit, and the closest private college is not accepting single course enrollments right now.

I’ve found both Johns Hopkins CTY and One Schoolhouse.  The price tags are jaw-dropping, at slightly over $2K after including textbook and AP exam fee, and I’m having no luck finding reviews.  Northwestern used to offer it, but no longer does.  Several public school systems used to allow non-residents to pay tuition for their distance learning AP Spanish Lit, but the ones I’ve contacted have all changed their policies to exclude out-of-state students.

Does anyone know of any other options?  Thanks!

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Have you checked The Potters School? I know they offer AP Spanish Language and get good results on the AP exam. It is surprisingly difficult to find good AP Spanish classes that are offered online to homeschoolers. I'm not sure why. 

Matroyshka on this board had offered to teach AP Spanish Lit to a bunch of students on this board, but didn't get enough of a commitment to go through with the class, I believe. She might be someone to check with.

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