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Impending economic downturn and college/college graduates

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Oldest son has been taking a break from his expensive college and I don't know that he will ever go back.  We aren't pushing it, but are trying to save the amount we were spending on his college in an account just in case.

Middle son's college is $7,500/year plus books and gas/commute.  It isn't bad.  He lives at home.  He is actually considering going to CC next year for only $3,000/year to get some Gen Ed out of the way and give himself time to think about what he wants to do.  We told him we will support him either way.  

But yeah, it makes me nervous unless we have the cash flow to pay for it.

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I’m very proud of WPI’s data science department. They’re trying to keep as many of the REU kids that were already chosen. My son will be in charge of two of them and they’ll do their project online. 

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