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prayers/good thoughts needed, baby related

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23 minutes ago, Catwoman said:

Just checking in to see how you’re doing today. I hope all is well!


4 hours ago, Scarlett said:

How are you today?


Better. Blood pressure is still high but I've started bp meds so hoping that'll bring it down. Ultrasound has baby measuring a week and a half smaller than I should be so they'll be doing regular growth checks.  I'll be getting a much more thorough ultrasound soon. 

Found out we're having a girl!!

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My thoughts with you and the baby GIRL! 🥰🐣

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On 10/16/2019 at 5:55 PM, happypamama said:

Hugs -- I remember that. Hopefully this is a very different situation. It sounds like it may qualify as gestational hypertension (BP over 140/90 after 20w but without the second symptom to be PE).  Did they run labs or start a 24 hour urine? Those will tell them more, so if they haven't done those, you can ask if they would be helpful. I hope the headache goes away, but yay for no blurry vision or swelling! Based on my time modding a huge PE Facebook group (and PM me if you're interested in joining), it sounds like you are in good hands and being watched well. Many hugs!

I had this the last several pregnancies. Never had pre-E, no protein in urine, no other symptoms, bloodwork was great, etc. Baby always grew well, and with close monitoring I went to 41-42 weeks each time. It never got worse, just stayed like that, then stayed like that for several weeks after birth. And then I go back to my normal again. 

Deep water submersion seemed to help a lot - I actually joined a gym specifically for the heated pool so I could be chest deep in water daily. There is some good evidence that hydrotherapy lowers blood pressure and it definitely helped me. 

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