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2019-2020 kindergarteners!!


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Anybody else starting? I am having the most fun with my last little ker this week, our first week back to school!

We've started "ducky math," the old Rod and Staff 1st grade. She's so excited to be doing the same books her sisters did. She feels so grown up. Writing letters is a bit harder. We've got the full HWOT set of the wood pieces and little chalk board. She likes those, and we're still working through the Rod and Staff ABC set. She's in the Do It Carefully Book which has a lot of letter writing, so we're doing the actual writing practice there after the HWOT practice. We have the HWOT CDs too. My 15 year has been heard singing those times, we've listened so much this week. 🙂

We're doing the Rod and Staff Bible Stories to Color and stories and practicing her Bible verse from Sunday School. And we do her speech practice daily. We're memorizing the first poem from the Abeka Poetry for Kindergarteners. 

She's into a book about Ocean life that we've been reading from every night. And today we read about radio transmitters and receivers from How Things Work because she asked. Homeschool group started back up and has the theme of government for the year, so we'll do field trips, activities, crafts, and holiday parties with them. 

I'm so excited for her year! And exhausted thinking about fitting in my two high schoolers' schoolwork and teaching and driving them around, and my parts of the college applications for the senior... But still excited about k. 

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I have a kindergartener who has been doing great, too. He's very much not a crafty kid and hates being shown up by big sister (17 months older), so he's always avoided coloring and writing activities. We are doing a lot with those, and he's pleased with himself about how well he's improving. He's in the "advanced" section of Progressive Phonics and everything is really clicking well. Once he starts thinking of himself as a reader and so reads outside of lessons, he'll take off! Math he's great with. Right now we're dialing things back and focusing on how to write the numbers, but then we'll get into Math Mammoth 1. He won't find it hard, but I think he'll learn some new things. He's enjoying our history, science, and literature read alouds and has memorized an old mother goose poem so far this year.

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I have already made an addition! I picked up a copy of Character First curriculum from a used sale, and love it. It includes crafts, character studies, science, and social studies including history with each little character study. So the first two weeks of school we did R&S bible stories and coloring book. The third week we switched to the first unit from Character First, and dd loves it. She learned about deers, how ears work, paying attention to the person speaking and your current activity, plus about Abraham Lincoln. I think it is perfect for K. The one I bought only has like 9 units, so we will intersperse it with other little units from What Your Ker Needs to Know and the Bible book, and seasonal studies for the year. 

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