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Just a fun little reminder...

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When you read research abstracts online and the full article is behind a paywall, the author will often *send* you the pdf of the article if you just email them and ask. I just got some really cool research on embodiment of language by a Rolf Zwaan, have been replied to by Balthazaar, and made a request for some new research on later language development. 

I think it's kind of a professional thing, because not everyone owns or has access to every journal to get to read the research. I usually just tell them straight why I'm interested (I'm working with my 10 yo with ASD and a language disability) and they're happy to send it. They do not typically get money from the publication (you're not costing them) and do have the right to share it privately in that way. 

So definitely write people asking for their research when it interests you, because they'll share! :smile:

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