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Gift Card or something else?


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About 3 weeks ago, I sent two cards, one for college graduation and the other was a card for new baby. Enclosed in each was a $50 Amazon gift card. Once they are bought, they are activated. So now I’m wondering did the cards get lost, not delivered etc. So my question is, what do you do when you send a card with a monetary gift? Do you send a check, cash or other. Obviously, I want to make it easy for the recipient to use the gift but it sure would be nice to know it was received. My expectations aren’t a written note( not that I wouldn’t mind) but a quick text or private message would be nice😊 

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58 minutes ago, happysmileylady said:

If I need to know, I just send a quick text "hey, did you get that card I sent?"   


ETA: as to what sort of gift I send, I nearly always send cash, because I am rarely giving more than $20 or $25.  The exception is my grandparents.  They are difficult to get gifts for, but they love McDonalds so I always send them McDonalds gift cards.  But for my nieces or nephews, now that they are getting older, and I am living farther away, I send cash.  That way they can spend it or save it as they want.  

Yes, I guess I’ll just have to pm them. I know one is busy with new baby and other busy with a new job. Thanks for your input🌺

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