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Tell me about Nancy Larson, especially for 1st

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We are in a virtual charter and there’s a new change in how we spend funds. I asked for ideas to sound $500 on curriculum for 1st grade and was recommended Nancy Larson. I have to say I don’t know much about it except that I’ve seen it recommended but I’ve always been put off by the price. I can get my son’s 4th grade RSO Physics book for about $50 and his supply kit for $90 so I don’t understand how 1st grade can be over $200. But since I have to spend money on curriculum I’m intrigued by it if it’s worth it. My DD is not very interested in science. I did not love the way Elemental Science did bio when I did that with DS in 1st. I like RSO more but it still has its issues. Is Nancy Larson that much better and worth the price? I’m not very Science minded myself so maybe a more scripted lesson would be good. Do the levels correspond to the usual sequence of science per grade? It’s hard to know since they just use numbers. Does it get done? Are the lessons a reasonable length? I’d really love to hear any pros and cons for it. 

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I’m on my phone so it’s difficult to type...but I've used many levels of NL Science. I enjoyed it. Some of the topics felt a bit simplistic. However the instructions to have them highlight main ideas promoted good study skills. Some of the experiments are actually more demonstrations but the kit comes with everything. I’m going to drop some a blog link that has my posts about it. They might be helpful. If you have questions send me a message. I don’t do conventions for them anymore and I don’t use the program right now. But I used it for years. It is a bit time consuming for lessons and I’ve had to scale back with 7 kids. Anyway, here’s a link: http://lextineclectic.com/?s=Nancy+Larson

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I did the first level years ago with my 1st and 2nd graders I believe. None of us really liked it. I didn't like the scripting (and I generally do appreciate scripting). It felt very contrived, simplistic, and just boring to us. And, years later, I can say that my kids remember just about nothing from it.

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