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Question about Friendly Chemistry

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I'm debating whether or not to use Guest Hollow Chemistry in the Kitchen or Friendly Chemistry. I like that Friendly Chemistry seems to be a little more traditional in content and if we decided to use it I will still add in some living books. My concern with FC is that a lot of the activities seems to be geared toward a group/co-op setting. My daughter is the last one in the nest and would be using this alone. I don't want her feeling frustrated because she can't do many of the activities nor do I want to feel like we are missing out on educational opportunities because I choose the wrong curriculum.

How necessary and valuable are the activities and games that require multiple people? Are the experiments the same way or can they be done independently? I'm wanting something that will still involve labs even if it's unconventional. 

Thank you!

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I am currently using FC with my son....the author has now written a teacher manual written specifically for use with one student....and we are doing just fine with out ALL the activities.....as we are using those that are adaptable to one student and he is getting along fine with understanding and retaining it fine with that level of activities. We are also using the new teaching videos and they are a great addition plus the author has many teaching aids and video demos of all the  activities online at the website. I hope this gives you enough information to reassure you that one student can do this without any problems and still learn the material effectively.  Marne

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