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  1. I am using the ONE STUDENT version with the TEACHER books for one student, student text book, videos and the annotated answer book as I am not that familiar with Chemistry as i was with biology. I also got the test PDF so i could run off copies of them easier. This is the new one student version that they released this year. So we are using some of the games per that version and so far all the experiments. i take things as to what will work for us usually. I have the online video...not the DVD...the one where he is teaching it and explaining things...It works well for hijm that i go thru the chapter with him...taking notes and THEN I have him LISTEN once or twice again and take notes with that as he sometimes give a b it more explanation or puts it more so it can be SEEN...which is good for my student. We do the practices and then test. Unit 9 we took two days to read thru i wanted him to do the graph by himself...and that took time so we talked about what he graphed the next day and compared i made one also just so he could see it COULD be done. 🙂 Marne
  2. I felt Dr Wiles book had a more logical order of teaching, better explanations, and the problem of Apoliga's errors and tendency to ask them to know things BEFORE it is actually taught. I also prefer his layout and way of writing ( that's personal preference there) . BUT i also found Friendly chemistry was explained in such a way that it was even easier to understand and was all the information that i felt my student would need, tolerate, had the math ability for, and also relate to. It was also taught in a way that he would be able to get bite size pieces so not to seem so intimidating and overwhelm him and make him feel that it is impossible to learn. And isn't that our put ideas and information inot their heads that can be used later in life. If it is way above their interest, goals and background, your just putting in time without accomplishing anything. It is exactly what i had for highschool chemistry background and prepared me just fine for a biology BS. Marne
  3. I have seen both these books and IF you want that much chemistry...i highly recommend Dr Wiles book over the new 3rd edition Apologia chemistry. That said i am not using either as the math in Dr wiles is too much for my student 's math level and due to his farming interest i want him to take chemistry but he doesn't need THAT intense a course. We are using Friendly chemistry...and yes it IS highschool worthy and will work well esp for someone not interested in STEM but still need to know basic Chemistry. i also highly recommend Friendly chemistry. Marne
  4. Notgrass did not have this offer at the stage we needed world history so we did core 6 & 7 with sonlight and most of the books offered by Notgrass for this we read and i would highly recommend them... So if you think it is a lot of could break the reading up and do the whole thing over 2 or ever 1 1/2 years of school time or do some of the reading as a read aloud time. Marne
  5. I have a student who benefits from hearing AND SEEING things presented...and the author sometimes gives more details with the videos than what is written in the book also. i am using this with ONE student...and you can purchase a Teacher's manual that is designed for one student also. There are also some video helps showing how to set up games and boards ect or experiments, on the website online also. the way it works best for my student...i have him READ IT himself 1st......THEN I read it to him...explaining and teaching alongside the student manual WITH the suggestions given in the teachers manual...which is really quite easily understood...but again this is what works to get the material inot my students head. i then make him take notes...and then the next day WATCH the lesson presented in the video. We then practice the games that are correct for one student a day or two or do the experiments , then the practice pages ...usually one per day and then take the test the next day. this seems to make the best retention and understanding for MY student. I had a little Chemistry in college as a biology i am relearning with him...but it really is VERY easily understood as it is taught in such bite size pieces and EXPLAINED very well. Marne
  6. I highly recommend Friendly Chemistry...its step by step approach, clear explanations, video lessons AND not as emphasis on math are perfect for my high school student. He is getting a good understanding which is what is my goal. Marne
  7. honestly we are former Sonlight users...and have used it from the beginning but did not like the high school i find them a bit on the bias side....and we like Notgrass here having used America the Beautiful and Uncle Sam and You, plus now using the high school levels. We use it as spline...i schedule the lit part like i did sonlight...what i feel is a good choice for my students needs and understanding. I use a combination of Sonlight LIT and Notgrass LIT to support the text's which we do not find dry....I even used Notgrass's America The Beautiful with Sonlight cores 3 & 4 as i felt it filled in what was missing there when we dropped The Story of USA books which my student hated and felt were dry and i didn't like the liberal views presented. sonlight tends to put that kind of reference in and then give THEIR thoughts in the notes which i didn't care for either. Notgrass will give you the good and not so good things that happen and then you can go from there on discussions with your student. My student still likes to go back and read the America the Beautiful texts yet. So I would encourage you to give them a try. Marne
  8. I happen to be a MUS user.....and yes it is labeled to be too easy...but it is really just explained very well in my estimation not easy...and if your student gets it...all you need to do is do the one practice sheet, reviews, test and go on...those that are mathy as some label them can fly but those that need it at a different pace are allowed to proceed at their pace...again this program allows for that. It IS mastery which i learned a long time ago is needed for my student and YES it does explain WHY things work the way they do. Please do not let the negative reviews scare you off ...take a look for yourself.....and realize that your the teacher so you must understand the program make sure it is something you can teach also. We did try TT Agebra 1 , and it was a flop.....and it didn't take long for my student to figure out how to"game" the system and i also learned he needed Mastery not we are back to MUS and staying with it. IF you go to the end of ANY program what is needed to be proficient will be there.....they ALL have different scopes and sequences so best advice is to find what YOU can teach and your student best understands and enjoy the ride. Marne
  9. I am currently using FC with my son....the author has now written a teacher manual written specifically for use with one student....and we are doing just fine with out ALL the we are using those that are adaptable to one student and he is getting along fine with understanding and retaining it fine with that level of activities. We are also using the new teaching videos and they are a great addition plus the author has many teaching aids and video demos of all the activities online at the website. I hope this gives you enough information to reassure you that one student can do this without any problems and still learn the material effectively. Marne
  10. We struggled with AAS thru the 5th level...SYS wasn't available yet. SYS did as the rules did not stick no matter how much he tried...but what the words LOOKED like was they key. So the best thing is to try which ever you wish...and yes, SYS works with phonics in the beginning which i wish we had been able to use but were beyond at that point and then IF the rules are not working...try SYS or vis versa...if the way it looks doesn't work try AAS. Marne
  11. Sounds familiar......just maybe he hasn't been able to get the letter combinations into his long term memory yet. I can tell your a little about our journey and then maybe you will see something there that will help you. We started with the usual list, practice thing.... didn't retain to use in his daily work. then we went thru 5 levels of All About spelling as at the time the one that DID work for us wasn't yet available. We had pretty good success but again remembering ALL the rules just wasn't his cup of tea. then they came out with Spelling you See....and yes in the beginning levels they do teach the SOUNDS and what they are represented with are very important also. BUT thru the use of colored marking of sound phonograms and repeated use..and copy work and dictation really helped finally. what they are doing is getting the patterns of spelling locked inot their long term memory so they can SEE when something doesn't look right. I recommend looking at both AAS and Spelling You See and you will know after working with your student this long what will work for him AND it has to be something you can teach also. Marne
  12. I highly recommend SYS for 1st it is is much more than JUST is introducing the phonics...kinda like ETC, which we did use as spelling when we started at that age. SYS did not exist yet......and I wish it had as it is better than ETC. Marne
  13. Another thing to use...not sure if they have an ap associated with it...we don't have that kind of cell phone or I pad so never explored using it that way...but Math You See has a very nice practice page at their parents site for learning their math facts...and best of all its free. Marne
  14. I would take a look at Friendly chemistry....I think you could use it as your need as far as time wise....and the 10th grader could help the 6th grader easily with understanding. I also consider it a high school level course...the author really does a good job of taking something that can be really hard and make it easily understood and the math would be easily adapted ot a 6th graders ability. The labs also are something you can do at home easy without a lot of supervision by you..... Your tenth grader could teach the material back to the 6th grader and therefore reinforce their understanding...kind of like in Math You See...where you see it, say it and then do it. I am reading thru it now to prepare to use this next fall after we finish Friendly Biology which we started late in last years school year due to trouble with Apologia biology just being too technical and detailed for my students interest and am finding it very well explained and it will teach basic chemistry but in a friendly style. You can always dig deeper with Dry Wiles new chemistry books ( I highly recommend it as i have looked thru that one also prior to deciding Friendly Chemistry is a better fit for my student) later if you find your student or students ready and interested in a more deeper curriculum. IF your 10th grader would rather tackle might try that same arrangement with Friendly Biology....same reason...very good explanations of difficult concepts and much more reasonable expectations of a student that is not science oriented in interest or future goals. They have videos for help in chemistry and also video in both Biology and chemistry of the author teaching the subject...which really helped my student to SEE the concepts drawn and moving around as they were explained but the author. And please do not get hung up with those reviews that say these are not highschool worthy courses...not true. the biology is very much like what I experienced in high school and it prepared me very nicely to be a biology major in college. Apologia biology I really liked but it was causing my student to hate biology and a lot of work on my part to adapt it to his needs and interest . I have the notes from my General biology course in college yet to prove that Apologia is on that level. Hope this give you something to get rid of your anxiety.....not fun to feel like that. Marne
  15. I know this isn't just online but take a look at Friendly Biology...they have a secular version and have videos with the author teaching the material available in addition to the books. It is exactly like what I remember having for high school biology so please excuse the reviews that say it isn't enough. It I was fully prepared to become a biology major in college. It is very well explained and easy to do quite independently if that is what is required. Marne
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