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Ballet videos

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My girls (7,5,3) are obsessed with ballet. They have watched most famous full length ballets on YouTube repeatedly (including different companies doing the same performance sometimes), and have memorized the teach-yourself ballet movies we have purchased or borrowed from the library (6-8 in total).

My 3 yo still likes he preschool ones that are more fun and games, but my older two are wanting something more meaty. They already are in ballet lessons, so this is just to supplement and practice at home for fun. Does anyone have favorite ballet instructional videos (YouTube?) for elementary aged kids who are already familiar with basic ballet? I’d also be interested in ballet documentaries that are kid friendly: they ate up First position and the Misty Copeland movie and have those practically memorized as well. Preferably no fictional girly drama that’s more about boys and adolescence than actually ballet. ? 

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