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Greenville, SC - co-ops, homeschool tutorials, etc.

Pink and Green Mom

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It looks as if we will be relocating to the Greenville/Spartanburg, SC area.  Can someone give me the low down on homeschool tutorials/groups/co-ops in the area for high school level academics?  Dual enroll/early college?  Any state virtual school options for homeschoolers?  And please feel free to tell me where I want to live, LOL.  Job would be at/near Michelin HQ.  DH and I both went to Clemson but aren't from the area and didn't stay in the area after graduation, so while we have a general lay of the land we aren't sure exactly where we would want to be.

Feel free to PM me if that is easier.  Thanks for any help.

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I’m in Greenville county (it’s a HUGE county, and made up of many, many smaller cities, so I’m not sure if you’re referring to Greenville city or the county as a whole). 

We live in the county, but in an outskirts city about 15-20 minutes from downtown Greenville (city). Our area is great — you get a lot of bang for your buck, house-wise. Prior to where we live now, we lived in downtown Greenville. 

There are pluses and minuses either way. Housing in downtown or Greenville “city” is much, much more costly for relatively much less house, so to speak. But, if you’d like to be just minutes from the children’s museum, art museums, etc., it may be worth it to you. I do miss that part ? 

However, the area I live in (I can PM you that info if you want) is very nice, seems to be where everybody is moving “to,” and if I want to get to downtown Greenville, it isn’t far at all jumping in the interstate.

Im not super familiar with Spartanburg, other than that most people I know who do live there, come here or to downtown Greenville (or another city within Greenville county) for most events and homeschool related offerings, it seems.

This area in general is very homeschool friendly. And if you’re faith aligned correctly (ours doesn’t, lol) there are dozens of active co ops and several private faith-based schools that offer dual enrollment for homeschooled kids. I think there are a couple cottage schools as well. If your faith doesn’t align, there are a couple great groups that are secular — but those tend to be for general support and occasional or informal hangouts (park days, field trips, etc.). I know of one formal secular co op in the area, but I can’t recommend it one way or another as we do not participate. A few of the faith or church based co ops do allow those who aren’t the same faith to join — typically with a signed understanding (from the parent) that the child will be taught (at co op) in accordance with the co op beliefs.

There are several virtual public schools. K12, Connection, and I think Calvert.

Dual enrollment at the local CC isn’t allowed until 17 (from what I was reading) — unless your kid attends one of the public magnet early college high schools. 

Sorry for typos. Mobile.

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