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The Athena’s Academy spring schedule is up


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The focus is more on general characteristics of each group, while the second class is more focused on adaptations and anatomy. There’s some overlap,  but they are designed to be complementary. The whole reason why there are two was that a decent number of kids wanted more herpetology :). And both get revised due to new information and research. 


She’s considering a “Fantastic Beasts and where to find them” biogeography class, but it’s just in the idea stage now :). 

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If he's done INtro to herp, yes, the content will be repeated as far as the general information, with new material added as research comes out, etc. There have been several kids who have done that one twice, since there wasn't a 2nd class yet last year and seemed to enjoy it.


He also might like the Marine Bio/Marine Mammals classes-they're very similar in feel to herpetology (probably because they are both taught by extremely enthusiastic teens ?  ).

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