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accusations in college paper


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this from the college fix: a website that wants to make males scared.  they publish their names and school.  while it used to all be UW students, other schools are showing up.  

accusations require no corroboration.  it's basically if the site-owner thinks the stories are legit. (wasn't that long ago this forum was up in arms about the rolling stone article about jackie. . . . that was later determined to be fake. rolling stone has paid out to the school admin. for defamation.)  considering how much vigilante mob action seems to be happening - this can be dangerous for the person so named.  case in point:  I recently learned the woman at the center of the emmit till case, has stated she made up the worst of it - the parts that triggered the mob that lynched a 14 yo boy. (book by a duke university historian.  came out last year.)  then there is the innocence project, that has turned over a number of criminal convictions and proved the person was actually innocent.

but it seems some people like to stir up mobs- and where there are mobs, you do not have rational thought, or justice.

I have sons at this school  (as both plan for master's - they will be for three more years) - and I find it extremely disturbing.  at least one of the law school prof's has spoken up that the owner of the site has opened themself to a potential defamation suit as soon as one male on the list decides to sue.

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