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Help me find this kids’ book, please


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It’s a picture book, and loosely - there’s a village in a valley (?) that is bothered that there is a coven of witches living in a cave nearby.  A man says he can get rid of them, and goes to the witches, offering to teach them to dance between raindrops.  So, of course, the next time it rains they all go out to dance and melt in the rain.

Anyone know the title?  



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3 hours ago, texasmom33 said:

Is it this? 

The Rabbi and the 29 Witches



Good try!  But published in 2009, and the one I recall must have been published by the 70s.  ?


Unless maybe it was out of print for a while and published again?


eta:  I just read the reviews, and I’m sure that’s the one after all!  Thank you!

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1 hour ago, SusanC said:

Hah! I was trying to describe that book to my dc last year and then I lucked upon a copy on the free cart at the library. Mine is a cheap-o paperback, but I will send it to you if you want. My dc weren't nearly add enamored with the story as I was. ?


Too funny! What’s the title of yours?  Is it the one above?  

I wonder if that might have been published earlier, too, and maybe it is the one I recall?  

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