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Resources for AP English Lang self-study?

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Well, we went to my son's PS Open House. While it was delightful to meet all the teachers as they all seemed like wonderful people, from speaking with his AP English Lang instructor and also hearing from my dc what they have been working on, I am very concerned there is not enough teaching let alone quality teaching. Very sweet person, just not teaching well or trained to teach well.

How I wish my dc had Mrs. Inspektor, my homeschooled child instructor (beyond excellent!!!). It specially breaks my heart because this child is a natural at Language Arts and has a very solid background from the years being homeschooled.

So given this scenario, I think my dc will have to pretty much self study for AP English Lang. What resources would you recommend. I have a prep book Cliff Notes for AP English Lang, any others? videos? tutors who could grade his essays? book list? websites?

I welcome any ideas you might have. Many thanks!

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My son is taking AP English and Language on line with a very good teacher.  But the workload is tremendous with his other classes and activities.  I'm not sure if he can stay in this class for the rest of the year.  But he scored very high on the ACT and received 5's on two other AP tests.  Are there any on line  AP English L&C online study resources as there are for other subjects, like history and biology?  I;m wondering if he can do this on his own and take the test without the class?  And thanks for the suggestion about the IEW AP resource.  

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