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  1. flor


    In our local group everyone loves, as recommended above 🙂
  2. Thanks a lot for sharing. I have a child who’d enjoy taking this class 🙂.
  3. We have enjoyed Angela Harris (Outschool)’s classes, both live classes and flex schedule. At first, I was curious how the flex schedule would work with my child, but fortunately it worked out quite well. I think having participated in the live classes before also helped set the expectations. Angela’s teaching and insightful feedback have helped my tween’s writing skills blossom. As they approach the teen years, my kids seem to process external teachers’ writing feedback more constructively than mine. Thus, I begin to outsource at this point (with this child in particular, I hadn’t had the opportunity to do much formal writing instruction, so I’m grateful for the progress with Angela). She mentioned her summer schedule will be posted soon, we can’t wait. She is a former Bravewriter instructor and as such was held in high esteem in this forum (which is how I first learned about her). Her Outschool is at: I am also intrigued about Schole Academy’s Writing and Rhetoric online classes. I have one of the books and they’re amazing. I’ve also heard good reviews on:, Hope this helps 🙂.
  4. Would the Norton Sampler 8th edition suffice or is the 9th edition significantly better? Appreciate your feedback Thanks 🙂
  5. Arcadia: by the way what is your kids’ favorite test site? I bet is a good one for me to check 😀. Thanks a lot.
  6. @Arcadia thanks so much. You always keep us all informed. Your kind help is always appreciated.
  7. Wanted to let you all know of an Outschool class I found that starts on April 15 "No Fear" Nonfiction (The Mini-Report). It’s flex schedule and taught by Angela Harris, former Bravewriter teacher and well regarded in this forum. My child just finished taking a class with Mrs. Harris and learned so much. dc is looking forward to starting this one 🙂
  8. Rainbow Resources has various ones. I’ve hear good reviews from the ones published by Garlic Press and Progeny Press (also available at Veritas and Memoria Press also have them, but I am not familiar with them. Also do a google search for these primarily free ones Glencoe Literature Library, bibliomania, pinkmonkey, and Penguin lit guides. When reading a specific book, I’ve often google “book title literature guide” and on occasions have found some great ones. Hope some of these help 🙂.
  9. My child really enjoyed Mr. Leven. He is very direct, but we never had a problem with that. The assignments were interesting and my student’s Spanish blossomed, in particular the writing skills (others as well).
  10. Has any of your students taken a CLRC Literature and Composition class? How much did it help your child’s writing? Did they provide feedback on writing? Were they good preparation for high school writing? Did your student have Seraphim Winslow? My child needs to develop his writing skills.  I posted in another forum. I'd greatly appreciate any feedback you can please provide. Please PM me, if you prefer.  Thanks much. 
  11. Has any of your students taken Upper Elementary Language Arts at CLRC? or any classes with Seraphim Winslow? How did they like this class or his teaching style? My child needs to develop his writing skills. How was the feedback on the writing portion of any of these classes (they have I-III levels)? I'd greatly appreciate any feedback you can please provide. Please PM me, if you prefer. Thanks much.
  12. What is the name of the teacher who taught this Outschool class your child loved? Please let me know. Thanks 🙂
  13. Many congrats. Most happy for you, what joy for all of you and encouragement for all our homeschool families.
  14. Homeschooled High School Student Summer Internship Opportunity at MIT -- Spend your summer learning and doing state-of-the-art science in an MIT Research Lab! Prof. Matt Shoulders' Group ( The Shoulders Lab is broadly interested in understanding protein folding in human cells, with a focus on the development of new methods to treat currently incurable, protein misfolding-related diseases. Prof. Michael Strano's Group ( The Strano Lab is offering projects in the area of plant biology, medicine, and energy applications. Specifically we are offering projects for the design and incorporation of nanoparticles into living plants for new functions such as chemical sensing, infrared communications and light emission. There are also projects on energy harvesting from ambient heat, and sensors to help treat diabetes and cancer. Details: In total, we will be hosting 2–4 high school students from the homeschooled community for 8 weeks this summer (~20 hours/week of work in lab and 10 hours/week of study outside lab). Additional labs beyond the Shoulders and Strano Groups may also host students. If you are interested in a career in science or engineering, this opportunity is a great way to gain experience and learn what it is all about. You will be directly mentored by an MIT PhD student to participate in frontier research in chemical biology, chemical engineering, or the like, gain experience in both basic and advanced lab skills, become acquainted with the scientific literature, and present at scientific meetings. Requirements: Appropriate candidates for this internship will be homeschooled high school sophomores or juniors at least 16 years of age by June 1, committed and mature, have a very strong interest in chemistry, biology, and/or bioengineering, and a solid science background at the high school level. The internship will involve a time commitment of ~30 hours/week over the 8-week period, paid at a rate of $11.50/hour. Candidates must be able to participate continuously in the internship from June 10–August 2. This opportunity does not include travel, MIT housing, or other accommodation. Parents will be responsible for all such arrangements, including provisions for local guardianship for the student. MIT is committed to the principle of equal opportunity in education and employment. All candidates are welcome. How to Apply for the Internship: Send your resume, high school transcript, and a two-page description of your background, what motivates you to pursue scientific research, and the types of research that most interest you to Betty Lou McClanahan ( by March 10, 2019. Candidates will be selected for phone interviews approximately mid-March.
  15. Most welcome. It's been a while since I researched about TPRS. You can start by reading this and Carol Gabb who is one of the prominent TPRS instructors and director of the San Francisco Giants Language Program used to have a very insightful website. Her books in Spanish are excellent. From there as you suggested try to find out more. TPRS was initially recommended to me by a homeschool mom and former high school Spanish teacher. She shared the method and the solid results she observed, I researched a lot (back then, my ailing memory now fails me). I can attest to that from our own experience: my children can communicate with my mom, their beloved abuela 🙂. Maybe you can ask Ariana Hall for a recording of her classes to see if it would be a good fit for your student (??).
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