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Supplement for AoPS intermediate algebra

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So I’ve been comparing what my DS will be doing in AoPS intermediate algebra and what others are doing in Algebra 2, and I see that there are some gaps. Of course, AoPS dives deeper and covers a lot of really cool stuff, but where are the matrices? Should I be supplementing with a more traditional book?  Which one?


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Cramer’s Rule, page 155 of Introduction to Algebra textbook was all that was needed for matrices in the context of standardized tests. Matrices are covered again in Precalculus. 

If your child is going to take a standardized test, simple statistics is also not covered but very easy to revise with the free Khan Academy. 


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12 hours ago, calbear said:

If you skipped using Intro to Algebra, just be aware that the second half of that textbook (about ch.11- 22) covers Algebra II topics. 



AoPS does not follow the traditional scope and sequence. Comparing AoPS Intermediate Algebra to a traditional Algebra 2 text will not work; you need to review the contents of the Intro book, as well.

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