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Spelling Plus?


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Can anyone give me their experience using this?   I have a 1st and 3rd grader.  It looks fairly straightforward but it was designed for a classroom.  How effective did you find it.  I did try searching here and could not find any threads on it. (There may be some, I just couldn’t find them).  Thanks

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I used it and found it very helpful with my son.  My daughter was more of a natural speller and only needed a bit of spelling help, I mainly taught her spelling rules and worked on words from a variety of resources I own.

I think it is one of the best programs out there for the price.   Because of my phonics tutoring, I own over 20 spelling books and over 30 phonics books, and that was the most efficient one I chose for my son who needed a lot of work with spelling.  We worked on the words 10 minutes a day (previously I had done spelling once a week with him like I did with my daughter but that was not enough for him.)  I just went over the lists and had him read over them the first day, then the few days after that had him spell several words from the list, saving those he missed to re-read and re-test for the next few days until they were mastered.  The next week, I would move on to the next list and bring along the few he missed from the previous week for review. 

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