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Ursa Minor schedule sharing

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Since the designers of Ursa Minor (a new, free, STEM-y and non-faith-based Charlotte Mason curriculum) have a lot going on this summer, and haven't been able to make schedules yet, I thought we could share schedules that we design/use.  Out of respect for Ursa Minor's ownership of their content, I'd ask for any shared schedules to be only used in one's own homeschool and not distributed to others -- we can just refer people to the post or thread that's relevant, or to the Ursa Minor site itself.  And if we use Ursa Minor links to Amazon pages it will help them financially; any links on my schedules will use the URLs from Ursa Minor's links. 

Here is my tentative term schedule for Ursa Minor Year 7 with minimal commentary.  I myself am planning on a few substitutions but this is based on the original plan.  Am happy to have (and grateful for) feedback.

T1 means Term 1, or about 12 weeks of school, and so on for Term 2 and Term 3.

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Did you see their math expansion suggestions under subject sequences? I'm thinking of using a few subjects out of Ursa Minor, not the whole curriculum. I plan to look into the math expansion suggestions and a few others this week or next.

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