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FYI: Physics WOOT class launched


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From AoPS https://artofproblemsolving.com/school/course/catalog/woot-physics/

“What is PhysicsWOOT?

PhysicsWOOT is an online training program in Olympiad-level physics and problem solving. PhysicsWOOT is modeled after WOOT (Worldwide Online Olympiad Training), the math Olympiad preparation course that we’ve been teaching at AoPS since 2005. PhysicsWOOT is a good class to take whether you’re preparing for the F=ma exam, the US National Physics Olympiad (USAPhO), the Sir Isaac Newton exam (SIN), the Physics Team Training Camp, or the International Physics Olympiad (IPhO). 

Who should take PhysicsWOOT?

Do you like physics? Have you done some physics already? Do you want to look at cool, fun, interesting problems with other students who also like physics and share your love of mathematical problem solving? If you answered ‘yes’ to more than one of these questions, PhysicsWOOT might be a great fit for you! 

To get the most out of PhysicsWOOT, you’ll need to know some basic calculus and be familiar with the physics covered on the AP Physics 1 exam. We also strongly encourage you to take the PhysicsWOOT Diagnostic Exam and check your work against the Diagostic Exam Solutions before enrolling in this class.”

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