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Text/Workbook format for Bible - Suggestions


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We do a Bible time together in the AM and then a discussion so I'm not looking for anything to facilitate discussion.  This is separate of that.

I want a simple text/workbook format to work through Bible study.  I'm thinking Rod & Staff but it's OT and I'd prefer to focus on NT this year.  It's not a must so if you have a great curriculum you love that focuses on OT, I'll consider it.

4th-5th grade - very strong reader/writer, loves busywork of text/student book format.  Bonus points for memorization materials.

(We are using Lightbearers for the Middle School kiddos this year.)

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I have one that absolutely adores the busywork, workbook-y type of learning, too!

What about CLE?  We did the first LightUnit together in the mornings for Grade 4, however, we switched back to BSGFAA after that (my fave for family learning).  My rising 4th grader is going to work through the rest of the LUs on her own in the coming year.  The first LU has stories of a Jewish family and their various holidays and customs.  My kiddos and I ALL learned a lot from those simple little stories!  I thought they would be silly, but they were very informative and my children remember all of those details! 

Here's the link to CLE Grade 4 Bible: https://www.clp.org/store/by_course/20

CLE Grade 5 circles back through Creation through Moses, so you might not be interested in that one.


Also, what about the Explorer's series?  A mom mentioned that in a recent thread and it jarred my memory that we completed the Luke/Acts book in that series several years ago.  It was excellent! Recall questions, thorough but simple mapwork, a review for the chapter, etc.  My son (4th at the time I think), did the Discovery level: https://www.christianbook.com/bible-discovery-promises-fulfilled-student-workbook/9781889015132/pd/1513X?event=Homeschool|1005597

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 I have found the Discover 4 Yourself series by Kay Arthur to be excellent. It teaches inductive Bible study in a great workbook format for upper elementary. My kiddo does it completely independently. And you can pick which book of the Bible you would like to study. (I don't think she has all of them, but quite a few choices) This year for 6th grade we are doing 4 workbooks. 

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Memoria Press might be what you're looking for. Their Christian Studies III is NT and it has memory verses. My son did it last year for 5th grade.


ETA: Forgot that they do use the Golden Children's Bible as the text, so I don't know if that's what you're looking for. But the memory verses are from the actual Bible itself.

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