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How Did You Set Up Your College App Checklist?


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here are few:

mine was cost comparison focused - in state tuition, out of state tuition, etc
use a spreadsheet makes it easy to add delete columns
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We had several iterations - a spreadsheet was useful for narrowing down a long list. Once we got down to the ones she was applying to, it was just a freeform sheet of 12x18 drawing paper with sections carved out for each school and scholarship, plus one corner for tracking standardized testing.

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I had a couple different ones. One compared total cost of attendance with lots of different factors. Another tracked which documents had been submitted to which schools (test scores and various transcripts).


I had a long document where we collected info about different schools. We should have done this earlier.because ds2 applied to several schools that really didn't have the full combo of what he was looking for. They had a major that wasn't really the flavor he was looking for or they didnt have rotc. It was a while before he identified what was non-negotiable. The big document let me just copy paste info and links from various school websites. It wasn't pretty but it captured the info.


Then I had ds give each school a letter grade. This was easier than trying to rank them numerically. He could say this one is an A- and that one is a B+.

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