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Unconventional Olympics


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Not to brag, but I could take the Gold in: Finding A Public Restroom in Under 1 minute, Anywhere, Anytime


It comes from years of being pregnant with the world's smallest bladder with a herd of close-in-age potty-training kids who inherited the world's smallest bladders. LOL


I might take Silver or Bronze in Ensuring a Make-Up Product or Color is Discontinued ... my friends now refuse to share their makeup and hair product info with me for fear of what may happen should I try it, buy it, or like it. Because every time I try, buy, or like a product it seems to get discontinued. I consider it my public duty to remain stuck in my 1990s makeup and hair care routine until it cycles back into fashion again. This has been difficult, especially after the past recent threads sharing YouTube women doing makeup for people my age!

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I love this thread!


Laundry. Definitely laundry. Not all events, but several. I wouldn't medal in stain removal, but towel folding and making sheets smell clean and fresh? Oh, yes, I'd be on the podium. I would be a tough competitor in folding sheets too, including the fitted sheet. 


And loading the DW. I'm amazing at doing that. Bronze medal minimum


And I'd be note worthy in networking for other people. It fascinates me how often I can help people find work or get professional advice, since I'm the most anti-social person I know. 

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