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Does a program like this exist?

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'Teaching the Classics' from Center for Lit. meets that criteria, though it's not made up of "lessons," but Socratic questions to engage in with your child with any book.


This looks like something that might fit what I'm looking for when I do high school literature next year. However, it looks very similar to Well Educated Mind, which I already have. How is this different? Is it worth the purchase of the seminar? I admit I never actually made it through ALL the steps in WEM myself. I'm afraid to use it with ds because I fear I won't follow through on the whole thing. So something similar but with more hand-holding would be good. 

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I have Teaching the Classics and Reading Strands. Both are good. I use Teaching the Classics often. I haven't really used the other one.


I did not buy the seminar for Teaching the Classics, just the book. I heard him speak at a conference before, so I figured I could survive without the seminar. I use the questions in the guide for discussion and for essay topics.


I have inly read the Well Educated Mind once, borrowed from the library, and I cannot remember much. So I can't help you with knowing the similarities between it and the other programs.

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