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  1. We will be in the same situation in a couple years. Thanks for the good info.
  2. I am glad I am not the only one who's wedding ended up that way. (The Thanksgiving example is my mom). She took over my wedding too. Luckily my husband stood up for me when it came to the invites. I am so glad he did because it was the only thing from our wedding I liked for many years. I HATED my wedding memories book for years because it was not the one I wanted. A few years ago I realized that there was no reason I have to keep the one I hated. I bought scrap book supplies, pulled everything out of the old book, and made a new wedding memories book. I now love that book.
  3. Wow, you perfectly described what happens. Our church leader is so scared of offend anyone that he really has no control. (There was an incident years ago that caused a family to leave, and it really hurt him). She said she wanted to do it and he didn't stop her. She has often done most things by herself. I actually think she prefers it that way. But she insists on having people on committees she is in charge of and then complains about all the work after doing it all herself.
  4. Umm... My DH says I don't respond clearly enough. I don't want to hurt their feelings, both of these people are very sensitive, so my responses are not strong enough. Then usually I get so upset and frustrated, as it continues, that I say something rude or mean and quit the event, party, committee, etc. And everyone thinks I overreacted to someone just trying to help. Which at that point it probably is a bit of an overreaction. Very unhealthy cycle. So I definitely need to work on my responses. I told my DH part of my problem is lack of practice because I have spent the last 16 years at home f
  5. Hopefully I can explain this adequately. I occasionally have problems with a certain type of personality and it is often hard to explain to others why I am upset because the person who hurt me is such a 'sensitive' and 'kind' person. Personally, I prefer to deal with a 'Karen', a type A, or a more assertive person because how they feel is very clear. An example for a few years ago. I invite everyone in the family to my house for Thanksgiving. I want to be the host. The 'nice' person plans to bring more food than their assignment, they take over planning, bring all the cups, plates,
  6. Normally, yes. Not this year though. Most things (mid week youth activities, Sunday School classes, etc) are virtual. And while virtual is better than nothing, it is not the same. Our main Sunday meeting is in-person and virtual (they have asked us to switch off to keep in-person numbers low). So even on the weeks we go in person, we are spread out, wearing masks, and asked to not hang out and socialize. I just feel disconnected from everyone. Also, Zoom Sunday School is awkward at times and I am just not getting out if it what I used to. Maybe I need to be doing better and putting in more of
  7. My 11 year old is about 4'10" and 60-70 lbs. She is very average. My 16yo, however, was always in the 90th percentile, but did drop during the 11-12 age. Not all the way to 50th but like 75th. She went through puberty later than others her age (1st period at 15 1/2) so I believe that accounts for the dropping. She just grew later. She is now over the 95th percentile at 5'10" and still growing.
  8. One of mine has done AOPS the other two, while also good at math, have done other programs. A possible way to do AOPS Pre-A is to watch the videos first and then work through the problems. You could skip reading most of what's in the book that way, just make sure to read what's in the highlighted boxes. The videos go halfway through the Intro Algebra book. I know this is not the ideal way to do AOPS, but still a good option for using the program. We really liked Jousting Armadillos like others have suggested, but it has a lot of reading too. Jacob's Algebra is great as well (JA is ba
  9. We did not use videos. My very studious DD taught herself by reading the chapters. I went through and marked her work everyday. I helped if she had questions or for a problem she got wrong twice. I did have to brush up on my skills some to help.
  10. I always thought memes were for funny jokes and cute sayings. I didn't know people got their news from them!
  11. Wow, that's a lot for shipping for two small books. Yeah, I like the two Oak Meadow Coursrbooks we have, but they are kind of expensive and I think the shipping wasn't cheap either. I don't think I paid that much though! It is hard to pay so much for shipping when most places offer free shipping on orders over a certain amount.
  12. We used it last year for my youngest. She likes the workbook format. Overall it worked well.
  13. Last year I bought it from Rainbow Resource, but I noticed the same thing as you this year. So I bought them from the Singapore Math website this year. The price was the same as RR and they had free shipping, so it was still a good deal.
  14. I plan on using it with my younger children. I really like the questions in the guide. They are thought provoking and deep. My oldest used World History and US History and it really pushed her to think deeper. I plan on buying the Geography one as well. Usually I don't like to spend that much money on history subject curriculum, but I have liked Oak Meadow and found it worth the cost for us.
  15. After trying a few different things, we have liked Word Roots, the computer download version, the best. It is from Critical Thinking Press and is essentially the same as the workbook, but clicking the right word instead of writing it seems much better to my kids.
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