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  1. I would want your first option, private lessons, but small group classes are extremely popular with homeschoolers in my area. I particularly think it is popular because parents can have two kids do the same activity at the same time.
  2. My girls dance and do musical theater, so they have been wearing makeup for performances for years. They never really liked it, so they haven't really wanted to wear makeup in daily life. DD 16 started wearing mascara occasionally at some point in the last year. I think she just took the mascara from the dance makeup. DD 12 hasn't shown interest yet. I don't wear makeup often, and when I do it is light. In my mind I had some arbitrary rule about them being allowed to wear makeup starting at 14 because that's when my mom allowed me to start. However, with my girls' lack of interest, the r
  3. He will probably not be ready for PreCal until Dec/Jan, I would guess. As for days of the week... I am not sure right now. He will be in 9th next year and homeschoolers can do sports with the local high school. Meets and games vary, but it looks like Mon, Fri, Sat would be most open. Maybe just do what works best for you and then we will try to match your schedule.
  4. Well, my DS is halfway through Intermediate Algebra at home right now and I am struggling to keep up. At least he is still getting it. (I taught my DD through PreCal in another book fine, but AOPS is so much harder!) I figure he is going to need to take the PreCal class online, but we have to figure out how to pay for it first. So, maybe Precalculus.
  5. Maybe Tello would work for you? I don't think it uses Wifi. Free calls and texts. You can customize plans to fit your needs.
  6. I agree with what alisha said above. The information in the textbook was good, but on the easy side for the grade level. I really like the explanations in the textbook, but I wish there was more in the book. I also didn't feel that the teachers manual and the lab book were worth the money. I can find similar experiments easily online. I did, however, like the textbook well enough to buy another topic or two.
  7. My youngest will be 7th grade this year. Math: Singapore Dimensions 8 English: Winston Advanced Grammar, Word Roots 2, Spelling Made Easy, Writeshop 1, choose literature from the school shelf Logic: Fallacy Detective Science: World of Physics with videos, labs, etc History: SOTW 4 and some sort of geography, probably just stuff I already have Art: Artistic Pursuits Middle School 2 and Udemy class Extra: Piano, Violin, Dance, Choir, Theater (she loves the arts)
  8. DM 6 is a little different. The workbook can be written in as opposed to DM 7, where you cannot. We used the DM 6 workbook more than the problems in the textbook, but for DM 7, we exclusively use the textbook problems. This has more to do with my DD's preferences. If my older DD, who needs more practice, had used DM, we would have used both books to some extent.
  9. I bought both, but we haven't used the workbook. We are in 7B, and so far the textbook has had plenty of problems for my DD. So, I would say it is extra practice.
  10. I use Libib. I tried Goodreads once, but didn't like it. It was messing up my To Read section. Libib has been good and dies sync across devices. I use it to catalogue books so I don't buy second copies of books I already own!
  11. I used Phonics Pathways for spelling with my first 2 kids. We did not have the money for anything else at that point. It worked well. They are both better speller than me. I did buy All About Spelling with my 3rd child. I still needed to be frugal. So, I only bought the Teacher's manuals and the initial magnet set. I was able to create any notecards and whatnot, that are usually found in the student set, using what the teacher's manual described.
  12. My DS hasn't been much help planning out his high school years. All he wants is for a plan that will be rigorous so he can possibly go to MIT, Harvard, CalTech, etc. He is my 2nd high schooler, but my 1st one didn't have such dreams, so she has been easier. So, here is what I have so far. Math: Finish AOPS Intermediate Algebra (if we're not done before then) and then do AOPS Precalculus May take AOPS AMC 10 class online in the Fall Science: Thinkwell, we are thinking Biology Latin: Wheelock's Latin English: Vocab: Finish Word Roots 3, may
  13. We will be in the same situation in a couple years. Thanks for the good info.
  14. I am glad I am not the only one who's wedding ended up that way. (The Thanksgiving example is my mom). She took over my wedding too. Luckily my husband stood up for me when it came to the invites. I am so glad he did because it was the only thing from our wedding I liked for many years. I HATED my wedding memories book for years because it was not the one I wanted. A few years ago I realized that there was no reason I have to keep the one I hated. I bought scrap book supplies, pulled everything out of the old book, and made a new wedding memories book. I now love that book.
  15. Wow, you perfectly described what happens. Our church leader is so scared of offend anyone that he really has no control. (There was an incident years ago that caused a family to leave, and it really hurt him). She said she wanted to do it and he didn't stop her. She has often done most things by herself. I actually think she prefers it that way. But she insists on having people on committees she is in charge of and then complains about all the work after doing it all herself.
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