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  1. I took a 1 credit class in college called anthropologic films, or something like that. We watched a documentary every week then wrote a one page report.
  2. I don't know of anything, but would love to find something. My kids love Prodigy, but the older two need something high school level now.
  3. This is me. I really only heard of this whole concept of blackface in the last year or two.
  4. Sounds like he is doing well. Most people run Half and Full Marathon training on their own or with friends using website and app programs. My husband and his brother did an Ironman just using training suggestions from a website. Like someone suggested above, taking the aid at the aid stations is important. If he knows what items they will have at the aid stations, then he can use the same things on his practice runs.
  5. I can't answer any questions about Geometry, because we are not there yet. But I like Dimensions better than Primary US Edition (I have both) because it the Textbook is more thorough and has more topics.
  6. I think you can use any grammar that works for your family.
  7. All my kids did Singapore Primary through 5B. Then my older kids did other programs, Jousting Armadillos and AOPS, but my youngest wanted to stick with Singapore. So, we have been doing Dimensions 6A this year. We are only in chapter 2, so I can't answer all your questions, but so far we really like it and I am glad I chose to go to Dimensions instead of doing Primary 6. I think that they may be enough problems in the Textbook for a kid that doesn't need much practice. Looking through it, I can see how my son who doesn't need much practice would have been fine.
  8. I have used Writeshop and Wordsmith. I didn't like the front in Wordsmith either, but my son seemed to like the program. I think it was okay. My favorite has been Writeshop. I have not used the videos. I use Beyond the Book Report season 3 to teach longer essays after finishing both WS 1 and 2. I really like how it teaches writing and the editing and grading sheets are the best I have seen, of what I have used.
  9. So, often I purposefully celebrate my kids birthdays on a different day because I don't want them to think the world revolves around them. On their birthday we always open their presents and tell them Happy Birthday. But cake, birthday dinner, and parties (if we do one) usually happen whenever is most convenient.
  10. So, I actually like unannounced visitors. It is common in my neighborhood, mostly walking distance. I usually text people ahead of time if I have to drive there. Also, family can always stop by unannounced. I was actually really sad to miss a sister-in-law who stopped by unannounced once when we were out of town. I am just happy that people actually want to visit with me!
  11. Singapore Primary Math Song School Latin (but we did not like Latin for Children) That is the only one all three kids used so far. There may be more as they all go through the middle and high school years. It looks like they will all use Writeshop. Also, I used AAS for my youngest and would have probably used it for the older two, if I could have afforded it at the time.
  12. No. We usually go out to dinner or something. We do get a "gift" as in sometime during the months before or after our anniversary, if we find something we need/want on sale we buy it and say it is our anniversary gift. This year we bought knives about a month before our anniversary.
  13. We don't use coasters because drinks are only allowed in the kitchen/dinning area. We also don't have a coffee table, so no where to put a drink in the family room.
  14. My kids loved Amoeba Sisters last year for biology. I loved the thoroughness and how clearly they explained topics. I would love to find something similar for the other sciences for my middle and high school kids. Geology, Astronomy, Chemistry, Physics. Any ideas?
  15. Well, I just spoke with the office/stage manager and I guess many other parents expressed similar concerns and so they will be offering workshops the whole time in an extra practice room. So anytime they are not needed on stage for production rehearsals, they can go do workshops. Glad to know others felt as I did.
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