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  1. I used a lot of free and cheap stuff when my kids were young, but it was mostly teacher intensive. I am not sure I have many ideas for this specific situation. Most of the free online stuff I know of is mostly supplemental. Sadly, I am just not feeling like this situation is going to work for your friend.
  2. Personally I like Jacob's Geometry better than AOPS Geometry. But I still like AOPS. Jacob's Set III problems are challenging. Personally I just found it easier to follow.
  3. My father-in-law got his Master's degree from there. He was very pleased with his experience. He liked that he could go at his own pace and test out of stuff. Since he had already been working in the industry for many years (he was 60 at the time) he was able to go through the program quickly and finish in about a year, I think.
  4. Most places around here don't hire until 16, so it is hard for a 14-15 yr old to work. So my 14 taught some neighborhood kids dance lessons in our home. She was paid, but it was "under the table." She is also a volunteer TA at her dance studio.
  5. Thank you for your time and advice. And the linked papers. I think this will all help. Definitely we will spend some time just rephrasing. That is a weakness she has. I really didn't do a good job with the whole narration and whatnot through the years....
  6. Yes, literary analysis is our main focus this year. But we do seem to be bad at all kinds of conclusions.
  7. My DD has become a very good writer but she is struggling with writing conclusions to her essays. One aspect she really struggles with is restating her thesis. This area is also a weakness of mine, so I am not a ton of help. What curriculum or resources should you suggest?
  8. For free reading, I let them read pretty much whatever they want. For school reading, they choose one book at a time from a selection I have decided on.
  9. No, I never have. But currently he comes home for lunch, we only live 1/2 mile from his work, so I guess do make his lunch most days. But he and the kids make lunch sometimes too. Before we moved here, he took a lunch to work everyday and he packed it himself. Like others have said, I did make sure I bought foods he liked and I packaged leftovers in lunch portions when putting food away.
  10. There is no grading system suggested in the coursebook. I am not sure how they grade it if you take it through them. I am doing points for each assignment. I kind of based the points based on how much time and work each assignment takes. For example: comprehension questions are worth 10 points and activities and central questions are worth 30 points, etc. I also added map work to the course. We are using A Little History of the World, and other resources we have around the house, like Human Odyssey and Kingfisher History, along with online resources, like Crash Course videos, and history websites. We have not had issues finding info on the topics online. We are only doing the first half of the course, spending more time on the topics. We are doing all the assignments which DD would probably not be able to do if we were doing it all full pace. She is a young 9th grader so I did not want to overwhelm her. For the second half of the course I am looking for a book on modern history to be the main spine since she is almost done with A Little History of the World.
  11. We are currently using it. It is going well. I think that my daughter likes that it is reading, writing, and project based, instead of facts and test based. I like that it is very open ended and flexible. Do you have any specific questions?
  12. I have always worn choir dresses or in one community choir we had blouses and skirts. Some of the ladies had seen them. (Overall all it was an older choir. I very much stood out, being only 30 at the time.)
  13. Sometimes my kids breezed through sections, doing many pages a day. And other times we went at a snail's , or had to take breaks from the book to get extra facts practice. It really just depends on the topic and the kid. But yes, for two of my three, we went slowly through the facts and long division.
  14. I am just commenting because I have the same problem and I want to be able to easily find this thread. Thanks for all the tips.
  15. Sign Up Genius is what I see used most often.
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