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  1. There is no grading system suggested in the coursebook. I am not sure how they grade it if you take it through them. I am doing points for each assignment. I kind of based the points based on how much time and work each assignment takes. For example: comprehension questions are worth 10 points and activities and central questions are worth 30 points, etc. I also added map work to the course. We are using A Little History of the World, and other resources we have around the house, like Human Odyssey and Kingfisher History, along with online resources, like Crash Course videos, and history websites. We have not had issues finding info on the topics online. We are only doing the first half of the course, spending more time on the topics. We are doing all the assignments which DD would probably not be able to do if we were doing it all full pace. She is a young 9th grader so I did not want to overwhelm her. For the second half of the course I am looking for a book on modern history to be the main spine since she is almost done with A Little History of the World.
  2. We are currently using it. It is going well. I think that my daughter likes that it is reading, writing, and project based, instead of facts and test based. I like that it is very open ended and flexible. Do you have any specific questions?
  3. I have always worn choir dresses or in one community choir we had blouses and skirts. Some of the ladies had seen them. (Overall all it was an older choir. I very much stood out, being only 30 at the time.)
  4. Sometimes my kids breezed through sections, doing many pages a day. And other times we went at a snail's , or had to take breaks from the book to get extra facts practice. It really just depends on the topic and the kid. But yes, for two of my three, we went slowly through the facts and long division.
  5. I am just commenting because I have the same problem and I want to be able to easily find this thread. Thanks for all the tips.
  6. Sign Up Genius is what I see used most often.
  7. No, but I rarely get sick. I would not be surprised if I do get sick though. Usually I am surprised that only one of us gets sick! I have no idea how it keeps happening because I am not very careful about germs from the sick person.
  8. My kids get asked name and age by TSA. It has never felt invasive. They don't have to show ID, so it doesn't seem like they're asking much. And we always get to go through the easier, quicker screening. I never thought about it having to do with child trafficking or anything, interesting. I never thought they asked because they suspected anything. I thought it was standard protocol. I mean I have no idea who would suspect us when we are all together. Our kids are our mini mes.
  9. With oldest DD, she went from 5B to Jousting Armadillos, finished the whole series, and then went on to Jacob's Geometry. I t worked very well for her. With my DD, he went from 5B to AOPS Pre-A, then onto AOPS Algebra. It has gone well, but was a really rough transition. He had never had to work at math before. My youngest DD is in 5B right now. I am debating what to do with her: I don't think either path her older siblings took is right for her. I will probably either do Singapore 6, Doclciani Pre-A next year. Although I like the suggestion up thread of going to Math: A Human Endeavor. Eventually, we will probably get to Jacob's Algebra. (I actually own all these books making it harder for me to decide.)
  10. This is what we're thinking: Math - AOPS Counting and Probability (probably mostly over the summer, or sooner as he only has 3 ch left in Intro to Algebra) and AOPS Geometry Spelling - thinking we are mostly done with this. Maybe we'll do the high school level of Phonetic Zoo Grammar - Winston Advanced Literature - read books of his choice from my list and discuss using Teaching the Classics method. Writing - Writeshop 1 Vocabulary - Vocabulary from the Classical Roots A Logic - he wants to do Fallacy Detective and the Art of Argument History - SOTW 2 with Kingfisher History and Human Odyssey using WTM method Science - I am thinking RSO Astronomy 2 and RSO Earth 2 (if it is ready)? I wish there were more secular choices.. Latin - Finish Lively Latin 2 Duolingo - continue working on Spanish and Norwegian Programming - not sure where to go with this... He has done everything Scratch book and video we could find. Learned Python and Pygame with a class sponsored by the university and did the highest level. And did a online class in JavaScript. Maybe we will find an intermediate JavaScript class. I have a few JavaScript books he hasn't worked through yet. Piano, Ninja classes, running, sports, scouts And who knows what else... This is my crazy driven child. I wish some of it would rub off onto his sisters.
  11. We have been using Map Trek this year. I bought the one that has all of history, from ancient to modern. I like that it has 3 different levels for each map.
  12. We use the outline book Calbear linked and then do history the WTM way. We have tried HO before and found it too overwhelming for our family.
  13. My youngest is very different from her older siblings, so we are always having to try new things with her. Here is what we're thinking. Math - Singapore 6 (she is just starting 5B now, so may still be finishing it next year or already be in 6. You never know with her.) Didn't do 6 with the others, but I think she needs it. History - SOTW 2 with some other stuff added Science - RSO Astronomy 2 and RSO Earth 2 (if it is out by then) She will tag along with her older brother, so who knows how it will go. Spelling - She is almost done with AAS now, so maybe the higher levels of Phonetic Zoo (because I have it). Not sure, my other kids took a different spelling path. Or maybe nothing? Grammar - Winston Basic Vocabulary - Vocabulary from the Classical Roots 5 Literature - read books of her choice from my list and discuss with Teaching the Classics method. Writing - Sentence Composing for Elementary (we have tried this recently and she seems to like it). Latin - Lively Latin 1 Art - Artistic Pursuits Middle School and YouTube videos. This is her favorite subject Extra: dance, theater, volleyball, soccer, piano (with me), voice (YouTube).
  14. Last year we did not get the Februaries. The only thing we did different was a have a special themed learning week. We spent a whole week only doing Olympic Themed learning activities. No regular curriculum. It was fun for the kids and kept my brain happy and engaged. There was a wealth of ideas online for all ages and grades. We decided to do it again this year. We are thinking our theme will be Harry Potter.
  15. I don't know of any, but my DD is a dancer and would enjoy a class like this too.
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