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  1. Singapore Primary Math Song School Latin (but we did not like Latin for Children) That is the only one all three kids used so far. There may be more as they all go through the middle and high school years. It looks like they will all use Writeshop. Also, I used AAS for my youngest and would have probably used it for the older two, if I could have afforded it at the time.
  2. No. We usually go out to dinner or something. We do get a "gift" as in sometime during the months before or after our anniversary, if we find something we need/want on sale we buy it and say it is our anniversary gift. This year we bought knives about a month before our anniversary.
  3. We don't use coasters because drinks are only allowed in the kitchen/dinning area. We also don't have a coffee table, so no where to put a drink in the family room.
  4. My kids loved Amoeba Sisters last year for biology. I loved the thoroughness and how clearly they explained topics. I would love to find something similar for the other sciences for my middle and high school kids. Geology, Astronomy, Chemistry, Physics. Any ideas?
  5. Well, I just spoke with the office/stage manager and I guess many other parents expressed similar concerns and so they will be offering workshops the whole time in an extra practice room. So anytime they are not needed on stage for production rehearsals, they can go do workshops. Glad to know others felt as I did.
  6. I am glad I am not the only one who found the email misleading. This group is a community theater where actor's are non-paid, etc. In the past the summer camp was purely a paid workshop for two weeks. This is the first year they are adding a production as part of the summer camp. They advertised it as their paid summer camp that includes a production. Just seems they have ditched the camp part now. Without the workshops, it ends up much more per hour than the other local theater camps (some of which also include productions). I have been attempting to contact them today, with no luck so far. Hopefully one of the three methods I tried will eventually get a response.
  7. What would you expect from a Musical Theater Camp based on this email? Congratulations! You have been cast in ____ 2019 summer camp production of _____. A cast list is attached to this email. Regardless of the role, all participants in the summer camp will have workshop opportunities in acting, singing, and dancing culminating in the musical production of _____. Please submit your payment for the camp at your earliest convenience. A parent meeting will be held ______ at 1:00 p.m. in the ______". Following the parent meeting, we will have our first read through of the script and sing along with the score. _____ we begin rehearsing in the Social Hall from 1:00 - 5:00 p.m. There will be no rehearsal on ______. Rehearsals will be held every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday between the hours of 1:00 - 5:00 p.m. through the month of _____. There will be a dress rehearsal on ___&&&& and performances on _________. In order to make the most of our rehearsal time, please respond to this email with any of your conflicts so we can schedule accordingly. We are looking forward to a fun filled summer with you! So, I was expecting my child to learn in workshop's and be at camp on the days specified for most of the time. After we already paid and had a parent meeting talking about likely being there for 2 hours a day or more, then I get a schedule in which my kid is only there an hour a day and no workshops. They are just working on the production. I would have never signed up if I knew she was only going for an hour a day. It is not worth my time or the money. (Which everyone paid the same amount). Because it will take 20 min each way, I can't really come home when she is there for only an hour. When I thought she was going to be there for 2 - 4 hours, it would have been fine. There are two other musical theater camps in town that tech workshops and have all kids stay for the whole time. I would have done one of those. Am I right to be frustrated? I seriously am thinking of asking for my money back and switching to another camp. She only went two days.
  8. We did do the author profiles and approach papers. I thought it was good practice for her, but we may not do them this year. I haven't decided yet. As far as scheduling, she had 3 weeks to read the book and one week to write the essay. She is a very slow reader, but a good writer so this pace works well. If a book was short, she only read for two weeks and then used the extra week for another unit with a longer book.
  9. I used a lot of free and cheap stuff when my kids were young, but it was mostly teacher intensive. I am not sure I have many ideas for this specific situation. Most of the free online stuff I know of is mostly supplemental. Sadly, I am just not feeling like this situation is going to work for your friend.
  10. Personally I like Jacob's Geometry better than AOPS Geometry. But I still like AOPS. Jacob's Set III problems are challenging. Personally I just found it easier to follow.
  11. My father-in-law got his Master's degree from there. He was very pleased with his experience. He liked that he could go at his own pace and test out of stuff. Since he had already been working in the industry for many years (he was 60 at the time) he was able to go through the program quickly and finish in about a year, I think.
  12. Most places around here don't hire until 16, so it is hard for a 14-15 yr old to work. So my 14 taught some neighborhood kids dance lessons in our home. She was paid, but it was "under the table." She is also a volunteer TA at her dance studio.
  13. Thank you for your time and advice. And the linked papers. I think this will all help. Definitely we will spend some time just rephrasing. That is a weakness she has. I really didn't do a good job with the whole narration and whatnot through the years....
  14. Yes, literary analysis is our main focus this year. But we do seem to be bad at all kinds of conclusions.
  15. My DD has become a very good writer but she is struggling with writing conclusions to her essays. One aspect she really struggles with is restating her thesis. This area is also a weakness of mine, so I am not a ton of help. What curriculum or resources should you suggest?
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