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Common App - which transcripts to upload?


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We home schooled through a public charter for 9th grade to facilitate transfer to a brick & mortar for 10th-12th or to apply to UC schools if our boys decided they wanted to do that. So, they have a transcript for 9th grade from this charter. The courses they completed in 9th grade, under the charter, were the same as we would have done as private home schoolers and as we continued to do in 10th-12th; there were no charter-specific courses.


I created a transcript that compiles all their high school (9th-12th) courses/credits/grades, with a number superscript after each course to indicate the source/provider, if any, as well as to indicate which courses were done while we were with the charter.

On the Common App, under School Report, it asks "Please indicate number of official transcripts you can provide for the applicant."  


Ideally, to simplify things, I'd like to just upload my one, comprehensive transcript. Or maybe, attach the charter one behind my comprehensive one and upload both in the transcript spot. Is there any reason not to do that?



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As discussed on this thread, it's ok to interpret this question as "how many PDFs do you have?"




I would attach the 9th grade transcript last just as a completeness thing. I wouldn't want the college to interpret it as "hiding something" later. You can put a little explanation with that transcript as needed.

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