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Challenge A Experiences?


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Any experiences with Classical Conversations Challenge A? We are almost finished with first semester and it's definitely been a challenge. We did the Foundations program as a supplement to what I feel was a more complete curriculum, which included Veritas Press History online and BJU Science, as well as Latin for Children in addition to our own math and language arts (CLE). I liked Foundations for the weekly presentations, the fine arts projects, the memory work, and the community. I do like Challenge A, but I still feel the need to supplement science, history, and English grammar. It is taking so much time and I feel like I could cover everything at home and have tons of time left over. I'm not sure if we will do Challenge B. I love the community aspect but feel like it is adding an unnecessary struggle to our week. The curriculum used there has such a learning curve for me and I am almost too busy to sit down and figure it all out (Henle Latin and Lost Tools of Writing, especially). I'm not sure what I'm asking other than if anyone else has had similar experiences, what was your ultimate decision, and if you had to do it again, would you?

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We're a fellow CC family, although my oldest has one more year in Foundations. I'm looking pretty hard at whether to continue, and I've had several discussions with our Challenge A director who happens to be a pretty good friend.


We do more supplementing than CC says is necessary. In fact, it's probably more accurate to say that CC is actually our supplement. There are some excellent things - community, weekly presentations, art, science experiments, etc. Since I haven't quite embraced the classical model, I question how Ch A will translate.


As for Ch A parent experience, the common issue in our community seems to be a disconnect between parents and students. Parents are the true teachers, but several of them seem to be confused about the work hand how best to help their students. The two main curriculum issues were also with Henle and LTOW.


I won't lie - mock trial, debate, and protocol really are attractive. I'm just not sure its worth the time and money in the long run. I'm thinking co-ops may fit that bill.

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