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My in laws just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.  One of our gifts to them was to surprise them monthly (as close to the date as we can) with a little 60 themed gift.  So for example: a photo book with 60 pictures of the kids, a list of 60 reasons why we love them, a trail mix of 60 M&M's, 60 peanuts and 60 raisins, a box of tic tacs (there are actually 60 mints in each box), 6 little packages of tissues (10 tissues in each package), 60 quarters to spend at their favorite ice cream place.


Some of my ideas will be the only thing in the package, but some of them (the trail mix, tic tacs and tissues) will either be put together or in with something else.  


So, I was wondering if you all could help me come up with more ideas? I need a total of 12 ideas.  


60 oz of something is A LOT of whatever...so that is probably out.  they do not eat a lot of sweets, so I have to watch that.  One thought I had was 60 hershey kisses...(30 each...may not be too bad..but i do not want to send candy every month...or even every other month.)


We did this for my parent's 50th several years ago...but it was easier to find 50 of something....or two 25's of something....


so...all of you creative minds out there...share your ideas please.


Oh, one more thing...I have to mail this...we live a long ways from them.





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Do they have a way to listen to music? My inlaws loved listening to old songs and dh put together a couple of cds for them to play in their car. 60 songs? 


When my dad turned 75 my siblings and I wrote childhood memories on tagboard and tied one to each of 75 bottles of beer. Dad saved the memory tags and reads through them often...as much as he loves beer, he really liked the walk down memory lane. 



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