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s/o vaccines and seizure meds


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No, I am not asking if vaccines cause seizures. I am asking if certain vaccines, when given while a child is on a seizure medication, are a bad idea.


DS4 has his 4-year well-child visit coming up in two weeks. I have to check, but I think he is due for some vaccines.


He has never reacted to vaccines in the past and his last one was a year ago at his 3-year well-child visit. But he is the child that had the scary 15 minute seizure on July 26th, which resulted in the ambulance ride to the ER.


On the 29th, his pediatrician had received his reports from our children's hospital visit and the pediatric neurologist who sees him now, and she called to check in with me. I asked her to and she said she would confer with his neurologist on what, if any, vaccines to give at the 4-year visit.


But, what are your thoughts? Oh, he is on Trileptal (generic Oxcarbazepine). We had a titration schedule that began the 27th at 1.5mL twice daily. He is up to 4.5mL beginning this morning. Moving forward he will get 4.5mL twice daily.

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