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Analytical Grammar vs Fix It

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Last year dd completed only 8 weeks of AG. It was intense and we burned out a bit...(more me having to grade it than anything). My Ds uses fix it and completed the first book. Easy, painless, gets done. Great. He will continue. My original plan was to have ds do Fix It until 6th grade and then do AG.


However, I am considering switching dd to Fix It. I don't like that you don't get to mechanics in AG until season 3... That's 8th grade for us and she needs those skills now. But I wonder if Fix it is enough long term? (I currently own both so cost isn't a factor here). Is AG worth the gargantuous effort or will Fix It accomplish the same thing much more succinctly?


Would love some thoughts!

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In my experience that really depends on the kid. Some of mine get the intuitive thing from the daily practice level (like Fix It or Daily Language Review) and others need R&S level of teaching to get it in deep. *shrug*


Is there a reason you can't just skip to the mechanics part of AG? Or run through JAG Mechanics instead? JAG is like AG at half speed.


Is Fix It "enough" for long term? Yes, for most kids, and it covers loads of mechanics. I'll add the caveat that I'd only call it enough if you're an active participant and not having them do this largely independently.

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We did JAG & JAGM in 5th & 6th grade and will probably do AG in high school. I wouldn't use AG at a such a young age, but my daughter is on grade level. If I were you I'd try JAGM (you got through most of JAG by doing 8 weeks of AG). My dd didn't find it overwhelming at that age and the information was useful. But there's nothing wrong with switching entirely if it's a better fit for your family!

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Is Fix-It enough? As mentioned up thread that depends on the kid. Especially if you are interactive with them and go all the way through and it is a good fit for how your child learns I think it 100% could be plenty. And is easy to implement, plus easy to slow down, speed up, etc. Since you own it already maybe go ahead and switch. Double up and do two sentences a day 5 days a week to get through Book1. Or give the placement test.

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