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Please help me buy a telescope!

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My 7th grader wants to learn astronomy this year. One thing I am going to get is a telescope, but I am so lost! I've looked at reviews and stuff, but I don't know what all the technicalities mean!! Please help me!


I'm hoping between $50-100, but I'm willing to go higher. I do want one that packs well, because we travel with my husband's job all over the country, moving several times a year. Not a huge one, but one that he will be able to really see some neat things. Thanks in advance!

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A decent telescope is much more than that--you need a quality lens. Can I suggest a good pair of binoculars instead? We have had two telescopes and two pairs of binoculars...the binoculars are easier to carry about and the viewing quality in the under $1000 range is better.




Celestron has a few decent binoculars for astronomy viewing in your price range. Of course they also have some that are much more $$$. You can find them on Amazon.


I'd also recommend one or both of these books:






I highly suggest checking your area for a local astronomy club. We've found that the more experienced members usually have high quality equipment and they are often very excited to share viewing time and their expertise with young interested/potential astronomers.

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