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Any experiences with weight loss medications?

Chris in VA

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I need something. I'd like to try a pill to help me. I know how to eat healthfully--for me, it's limiting portions, cutting sugar, and going for more veggies with reasonable portions of meat. 

I can't do dairy that much (maybe a little yogurt and cheese, but no milk) and neither can my daughter (none at all--we think it's the whey protein that gets her), so I cut that.


I need to walk. I need to organize my crap and life, and cut stress. And losing weight as a by-product of doing those things would be great, but I'd like to have some help.


So--who here has tried things like Qysema (spelling?) and the other new drugs on the market? What did you feel like? How did it help, or did it at all? Why did you quit, if you did? 

Thanks for any info. 

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I tried Qsymia for only a few days a few years ago when it was relatively new.  For me, it reminded me of the old fen/phen.  My mouth was so dry and I was so thirsty.  There were lots of coupons and deals back then, so perhaps they still exist? It was not on my health insurance's formulary sadly.

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