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Literature course help - book, movie, report or project

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I am wanting to create a fun literature course for my teen girls for this next year. It would include reading the book, watching the related movie, and then doing a report and maybe a project.

Is there a list already out there that I could use to help me with this?


I am not wanting a historical course, which may be fun later on. I am wanting a fiction fun course.


Some ideas I have are The Giver, LOTR, Hunger games, and such. I want some really well written literature, that has a decent movie to go with it (pg13 and down)


Any help or links to lists would be awesome.


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How old are your girls? What is their reading level? Can they read something like Bleak House or Emma? Are books like The Fault in Our Stars and The Perks of Being a Wallflower too mature?


The new A Wrinkle in Time Film is coming out - that might work really well!


Inkheart. The Book Thief. Anne of Green Gables. Holes. The Jungle Book. Coraline. The Great Gilly Hopkins.

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Just a quick aside -- if this is for teens and for literature, the writing output would be essays, not reviews. ;) (Reviews are more like book reports, and are more about "I liked it/didn't like it" and why, or, "why it worked/didn't work" and why -- while essays are about deeper thinking: comparison; character analysis; looking at theme; digging in to how literary elements/film elements were used; etc.   :) )


Movies as Literature might give you some ideas. (Cathy Duffy review)


You might shoot for a variety of genres -- you've already listed some Sci-Fi and Fantasy. Here are a few other movie/book possibilities in different genres:


realistic/coming of age = To Kill a Mockingbird -- book by Harper Lee 1962 film

family/relationship = Friendly Persuasion -- book by Jessamyn West + 1956 film

western = True Grit -- book by Charles Portis + 1969 film

romantic/comedy of manners = Pride and Prejudice -- book by Jane Austen + 2005 film AND 1940 film OR 2004 film of Bride and Prejudice (Bollywood adaptation)

tragedy = Macbeth -- play by Shakespeare + 1957 film Throne of Blood (Japanese samurai adaptation)

social protest = Oliver Twist -- book by Charles Dickens + 1948 film AND possibly also the 1968 musical Oliver! and/or 2005 film

mystery = Hound of the Baskervilles -- novella by Arthur Conan Doyle + 1939 film AND possibly also the Sherlock TV series version season 2/episode 2

allegory = Animal Farm -- novella by George Orwell + 1954 animated film


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...if anyone knows of a website that might already have lessons plans for movie/book literature , that would be great too.


The Teach With Movies website has a page with suggested *general* questions to guide discussion/comparison of book and movie, or to come up with writing assignments / essay topics for written output about the book and movie. :)

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