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IKEA ALEX Drawer - how can I put this to use?


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I love this piece and have wanted one forever.  I would put different types of paper in the top, skinny drawers.  I always have trouble finding good places to store various kinds of paper, like lined vs blank, handwriting paper, cardstock, colored paper, etc.  Or you could use the whole thing like workboxes for your kids, depending on their ages.

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I have 1 for each child and they divide their subject binders and books into the drawers (one per subject). We keep most of our day to day supplies in them. They hide our mess. [emoji4]



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I do exactly the same thing. I have the shorter version.


I also have one for me that holds dry erase boards, extra pencils, some teacher manuels, etc.


I also own a tall one but it doesn't fit in our current school room. In our old house, the bottom drawers were for hats and gloves. Each child had their own drawer. The upper drawers were for keys, batteries, and other things. It's in our kitchen now, holding tea, granola bars, and other things. It's a very versatile drawer.

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