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Science Lab Equipment

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What science lab equipment have you acquired for homeschool science (high school level) - for physics, chemistry, and biology?


Do you perform some experiments outside where it's open and ventilated?


Feedback would be appreciated.  We are not currently at high school level, but I am trying to plan for future science labs.




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You may find it helpful to look at the website for Home Science Tools. You're able to shop by homeschool curricula, by subject, by topic, and by age. 




We've ordered through them for biology, chemistry and physics and haven't had any problems with the products or the vendor. Our chemistry class was through an online vendor who had HST put together a box specifically for this class for a reasonable price (although it wasn't advertised on the website, we had to click a link provided by the teacher.)


We've done the experiments in the kitchen, mostly. :) 

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Generally, I have acquired lab supplies by first deciding what labs I want to do. This can be from a full curriculum that includes a lab manual, or from finding various resources on the web, or from lab manuals that are sold separately and can be used with many different science curricula? Some are written specifically for homeschoolers, and some for brick and mortar schools.


There are also lab kits from several places that are put together that have everything you need for a specific lab manual. Or some come with their own manual or at least a set of basic instructions. It all just depends what you want to teach and how much you would like put together for you, vs. doing it yourself.


The limitations of home labs are things like, whether there are younger children around, how much you want to spend, and lack of things like a hood for chemistry. Some physics equipment in particular that is recommended in lab manuals can be prohibitively expensive at home. But you can still do some very good labs at home. For example, I think what I did with my son for biology was much better and much more than what I did in my honors high school biology back in the day.

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