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LOE Foundations A with active kids

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My oldest kids are twins and we plan to start K (they'll be 5.5)in the fall. We have been working on LOE Foundations A during the summer as a trial run for us all and to get used to some seat work. I specifically picked this curriculum because I was fascinated by the author's book and I wanted open and go lessons. It works perfectly as an open and go curriculum. The one thing that has been tricky are all the activities involved. I teach the kids individually and each time there is a game that involves being away from the table, the lesson kind of derails because they are so excited and bouncy and it takes a while to get back on track. So, I'm on lesson 20 and I am now skipping all active games and it's going much more smoothly. Anyone else have this experience? So far, modifying the games to be table work has been fine. I'm hoping it will remain so in the future. Basically, I am really new to all this and wanted to pass on my experience. The curriculum is marketed as perfect for squirmy kids, and it is, with some modification, for my super squirmy kids.

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When i teach my group phonics classes, I save the games for the end when they are tired of seat work, it also extends the attention span a bit. The last game is a crazy run around relay race game that requires little volunteer help so the rest can clean up the facility and gather up the student folders. White board work is also good with individual students, but easily distractible students, I hold their white board markers when they are not writing.

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I went through Foundations A and half of B this past year as part of Pre-K for my 5 year old. I do the program during my 2 year old's naptime, so the loud, bouncy games were a no-go for that reason. I did do some of the quieter games if my son wanted to do them. I agree that this curriculum does incorporate plenty of 'move around and wiggle' type games, but if you have a really squirmy kiddo who is hard to settle back down, that may certainly be a drawback. The good news for us is that the program works beautifully regardless of whether you implement all the games and activities that go along with it. My son is reading remarkably well (and to be honest, I'm quite surprised, as he's picked up on concepts we haven't even touched on in LoE yet). For that reason I'd recommend using it for any kiddo, regardless of whether or not he/she is a wiggler. I hope you enjoy it as much as we have!

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