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Nausea and remembering stuff


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Weird thread title, I know. Weirder content to follow...


Tonight I was sitting next to DH, when I suddenly remembered something hilarious DS3 did earlier today (he was calling out chess moves while playing foosball with DS9, crazy kid). Immediately after remembering this, I opened my mouth to tell DH, and instead had to close my mouth to swallow a sudden, slight bout of nausea. A few minutes later, I felt better and told him the story.


Now, I'm normally not feeling great in the evenings along the GI tract. Reflux issues and all that jazz, but I felt okay tonight. And this is the second time in a few months I've specifically noted the connection between suddenly remembering something, and immediately being overwhelmed with queasiness. I can almost feel the process in my head.


I do have a history of simple partial seizures (with deja vu and aura), but I have been off medication and episode free for... 13-14 years? I think. I didn't feel anything like that though, just the quick nausea.


Does this happen to anyone else? Could it be just reflux and a coincidence? Am I just tired after a long day? Have I developed social anxiety with my own spouse? Or do I need to head back to a neurologist at some point? I'm not doctor-phobic, but I'm getting tired of our household picking up new specialists every other month.

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