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I've been deep in the "parenting gifted/2e" trenches lately...  Quirks!  Intensities!  Obsessions!  Emotional outbursts!  But I had a neat moment with my almost 3 year old that reminded me of how amazing it is to come alongside my kids in this journey.  I would love to hear other stories of times when your kids blew your minds or re-energized you to keep at it when giftedness seems hard or exhausting.  Please share! 



While I was reading aloud, my toddler interrupted insistently to ask how things make pictures in our heads.  I thought he was talking about stories--how words come together to make stories and the descriptive language makes us see those things in our minds.  So I explained that.  Frustrated, he started making motions from his eyes to other objects and reworded the question so that I understood he was asking how vision works and how our eyes take in information and then talk to our brains.  So I explained THAT (best I could) and he was (momentarily) satisfied.  It was such a great discussion that I was immediately re-energized to keep plugging along, keep answering all the other questions, keep handling the outbursts like an adult.  :)


Also, "momma, what would have happened if God ate the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil?"

Me: ...


Wonder what we'll be discussing when they're 10 and 15 instead of 3 and 8...?

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It feels a bit like a rollercoaster ride. I can feel exhausted (from the intensity, sensitivities, anxieties, obsessions) and have all sorts of doubts and concerns and then *zoom* something like your experience happens and I'm completely re-energised again.


I can totally relate  :) .


Your story is super-cool. Love it.

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