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WHA Algebra 2 participation?

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My younger son was in Mr. Reini's Algebra 2 course this past school year. Mr. Reini gave an overall participation grade once per quarter, and these quarterly participation grades were weighted 10% of the total grade. 


According to the feedback attached to the grade, Mr. Reini looked for commenting in the chatbox, volunteering to solve problems, and asking questions during class as signs of participation. But I believe (and this is just me making a conjecture) that he also considered class attendance and attendance at extra study sessions as signs of participation because honestly, my son's participation grade was never as low as it should have been! lol! (My son NEVER commented in the chatbox or solved problems in class, but Mr. Reini said that he was "obviously actively engaged in class"---which was true but not outwardly visible in the chatbox). 


The class participation scores were my son's lowest scores, and they did bring down his overall average but certainly not beyond solid A territory, so I didn't worry about it at all. 

I hope that helps!


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