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university admission interviews


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During our University tour week, DS is booked in for 2 official interviews (and I'm guessing one other one is likely an informal interview). I've found a bunch of standard question lists online, but what about homeschool specific questions?  What were the most unusual questions your child was asked?  And what kind of demeanor is expected?  Dress code for early August?



Ruth in NZ

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Both of my boys found the interviews to be very relaxed, rather informal, sessions. Overall, the interview experience was excellent.


However, a couple of the interviewers were rudely skeptical of home schooling.  They doubted the academic level of  home schooled courses. They even questioned the ability to adapt to a larger classes at college.  One even doubted that my son would have the social skills to work with peers since his internships involved working closely with only adult professionals (he worked at a research center as a lab assistant) So in case, I would review how to answer these type of interview questions.




Edited to add dress code:   My sons wore kahaki pants, belt, sneakers, and an ironed oxford-type shirt with sleeves rolled up.  But we saw kids waiting in the reception area wearing anything from shorts/t-shirts to dress suits.  The gals were mostly wearing capri pants/t-shirts or summer sundresses with sandals.  

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