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Convention Success

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Well I followed everybody's advice and headed to Rainbow Resources first.  I snagged BA 3A and 3B for my daughter to use this year with Saxon.  I didn't want to buy whole thing yet, so half is good.  We bought RightStart for my rising 2nd grader.  I LOVED talking to them, because I was going to place him in Level B and they showed me why he belonged in C.  That was nice.  Sometimes people are better than placement tests.  


My FAVORITE find was Circle C Adventures.  Bought a book/lapbook set for my 9 year old DD and can't WAIT to buy more for her, because I know she will love them!  


Finally, in the insanely huge Used Curriculum Sale I was disciplined.  Found some really good readers for my boys (since my girls is now out of readers and I've sold all the girly ones), I found some awesome American Girl things for my daughter and some Saddle Up books for her.  They are readers, but we got like 25 of them for $10, so it'll be good for car rides or something.  :)  


We had a great time and LOVED listening to Hal and Melanie Young.  Phil Tuttle was great also, but more than anything the small conversations and encouragement from people throughout the weekend was just awesome.  


I love convention!!

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We LOVE Circle C! I found them at a conference as well. Or I should say my horse loving daughter found them. Susan Marlow and her husband are so nice. We purchased several of the beginning series books (and since bought a few more online) and the paper dolls. These are the first read alouds I've had success with as my girls are not good listeners.


Glad you had a successful shopping trip!

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