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Looking for recommendations for campground in Southeastern Michigan, Northeast Indiana and Northwest Ohio...

jak of in

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I'm looking for a place to camp in Southeastern Michigan, Northeastern Indiana or Northwestern Ohio....ideally within 2 hours of Detroit area. We are empty-nesters at this point, so not looking for a campground that has a lot of kid activities. We love nature and quiet and shade! :) A lake would be great, but not essential. And we are not primitive campers...need my electricity, modern restrooms, and hot showers! 


Any recommendations? We haven't camped in Michigan or Ohio at all, so don't know the campgrounds. 





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I grew up going to Pokagon State Park for several weeks every summer! It's in Indiana right up in that tri-state corner, just a few miles away from Michigan and Ohio. Lots of shade, trails, and lakes with a couple of swimming spots, and you can go as modern or primitive with the camping as you like (just choose the campground carefully! There are 5). There's also an adorable inn if you don't feel like packing and hauling the trailer. The nature center has lots of family-friendly activities and informational talks and hikes, but empty-nesters may enjoy them too. My empty-nester relatives sound just like you, wanting modern campgrounds and hot showers, but also lots of nature. They still go there several times a year even though their kids are long grown up.


I'm going there this summer on my way up to visit relatives, staying in the inn because we don't have proper camping equipment for a young family of 5. I can't wait! :)

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