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How to supplement writing in CLE LA?

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My DD is going into 4th grade and LOVES to write.  I've not done any sort of writing curriculum to date because she is always writing something and I just let it go.  Not a ton of correction (if any).  I just like to see her little mind word.  Anyway...she also LOVES CLE LA and it is the one thing she has requested to use next year.  We have Writers in Residence ready to go, but I don't know if she is ready for something so independent.  Her reading comprehension isn't quite there yet.  Anyway...I like how incremental CLE is and there is SOME writing.  How can I supplement?  I'm so overwhelmed by this writing thing.  Any ideas would be great.  I've looked around and the Hake Writing looks like it might be good (one time per week as well as incremental).  Would it make sense just to do THAT portion of the program combined with CLE?  She'll be doing Saxon 6/5 and I'm not sure Hake grammar's book would appeal to her at this point.  And she really does love and do well with CLE. 


Anyway...any ideas from you wise and more experienced parents??  Thank you!!

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Well, I use CLE LA with one of my kids, and I use a different spelling and composition program with him. I treat it as a grammar curriculum essentially. 


I haven't used Hake, but if the writing portion seems like a good fit I don't know why you couldn't add it to CLE LA. I've used a lot of writing programs. It's an area where good curriculum fits for us have only been so for a "season" and not longer term. It's fantastic she loves writing though. I have one of those too, and it's nearly magical to watch sometimes! 


FWIW, I use CLE reading with both my kids for the comprehension aspect. 

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I used writing Tales with cle language e and it was so good for my oldest. Wt and cap are both progymnasmata based programs so it would be a similar experience between those two.


But really any Writing/composition program would be really easy to add to cle. It's just a matter of not over doing it.


Eventually, ds had finished wt and still had a few lightunits left of cle, and I just started adding twice weekly writing assignments. That worked just as well. Now he is taking a break from cle but still does the twice weekly writing assignments.


Anyway yeah pick something for writing that you think would be beneficial. When the courseload is too heavy you will know and you can just dial one or the other program back for a time.

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